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  1. spongeuke

    Ubass amp volume

    Or switch to Banjoukes
  2. spongeuke

    UAS Cured---Enjoying Uke Much More

    Now, time to sell or give away six or seven ukes!! To paraphrase a saying "The only cure for UAS is embalming fluid". At 80 I'm jumping the gun. I contracted UAS 30 years ago when searching for the NoName player. In the process I went through many new and vintage ones. To date I've giving away...
  3. spongeuke

    Jimmy Buffett, RIP

    Here is another...
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    Neck carving with power tools.

    About switches, I use a foot switch on any hand held power tool. I feel more comfortable with that first torque with both hands on it and I know I can shut it off without changing hand position.
  5. spongeuke

    Effect of age of solid wood uke on its sound?

    My take is that the older, preWWII ukuleles were made for wood sources that no longer exist, such as real Honduras Mahogany. With other woods there wasn't an emphasis on curly, flamed, spalted, and such. The preferred wood was tight strait grained. This had fewer weak points, if dried properly...
  6. spongeuke

    LMII closing

    I need to make a list right now. Some things can't be shipped, others, they are my only source. There are a large number of luthiers in the North Bay and beyond. Will there be an end of an era party?
  7. spongeuke

    Female ukulele professionals

    If you can get Honoka Katayama you are in for treat.
  8. spongeuke

    Pitch Pipes?

    A guitar playing friend uses an A tuning fork, he stands it on the saddle and tunes the A string.
  9. spongeuke

    Why Vintage?

    "Because that's the year I was born" We must have gone to different High Schools together
  10. spongeuke

    Why Vintage?

    I remember that Joel Ekhaus spruce topped Martin. One of many Martins that have passed through my hands. Keep on Strumming Dave
  11. spongeuke

    Why Vintage?

    Like about2 I have speculated about previous players of a vintage ukulele. Check out the movie The Red Violin for inspiration.
  12. spongeuke

    Why Vintage?

    I have re-homed many rescued Vintage Martins, not because they are inferior but because they deserved to be played. I consider vintage to be older than me, WWII and beyond. The fretboards used thin hardwoods or just the frets set right into the neck. The good ones are not over braced. The wood...
  13. spongeuke

    Top separating

    Cleaning the old glue out of a separation like that, I use a double sides fingernail file. Don't force it on either side. glue and clamp as usual. I do find it unusual, in that the lifting is occurring where there is a large gluing surface on the heal block.
  14. spongeuke

    Martin Ukulele Owners Club

    I have used that book more than any other, it is a good reference for production numbers, dating and researching tuners, saddles and nuts for restoring Martins. Also a great rundown on the Ukulele history with Martin. Well worth $30
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    Dumb Tool of the Week Award: The Supersaw.

    My 80 year old power source is still pumping
  16. spongeuke

    Some ukuleles don't like tuners left on, beware...

    The reason I keep the Tuner on a headstock is that I know where to look for it. I can then find at least one of the two I use. There must be at least 4 of them tucked away in a "safe place"
  17. spongeuke

    Violin construction ukulele

    The sides are very Violin on this reproduction of a David Mahelona Concert made by Tangi.
  18. spongeuke

    Your summer vacation...with ukes

    It isn't what it is where
  19. spongeuke

    Martin Ukulele Owners Club

    The Two on the left are out strumming somewhere, after a rescue operation. The one on the right is now even more disassembled. I also have a Hot Rod Regal with a redwood sound board upgraded nut bridge and saddle. and a Rat Rod Campuke in pink with black flames.
  20. spongeuke

    Seek Banjolele restoration advice

    This is what I have the brass inserts are not compatible with the steel pegs.