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  1. hendulele

    SOTU 605 - Gold In Them Hills

    Joo, I did it! I kinda learned a Zevon song that Ron Sexsmith covered. My apologies to anyone involved in any production of this wonderful work. I’ll do better next time. It’s a great song, though …
  2. hendulele

    Martin 0 Soprano

    I agree fully about the tuners. Going cheap plastic on a $1,600 uke (no matter how well they’re designed to work) is nuts.
  3. hendulele

    SOTU 606 ~ Autumn Moon Festival/Harvest ~

    Hi Kev! Great theme! Easy pick for me.
  4. hendulele

    What aspect of a uke's construction controls how well the intonation is?

    Check out reviews at in different price ranges. The ones that get Baz’s recommendations always have solid intonation, and he reviews them in all price ranges (he’s in the UK, but many of the ones he reviews are available in the US). What about the Martin’s looks were unappealing?
  5. hendulele

    SOTU 604 - Love & Heartbreak

    Thanks for hosting, Arvin! Here‘s a Sam Cooke classic I haven’t tackled in awhile (stealing the ending from Cat Stevens’ cover … ).
  6. hendulele

    SOTU 603: Speed!

    Thanks, for hosting, Sabine! Here's one urging everyone to slow down. It's also one of the most infectious chord riffs on the uke.
  7. hendulele

    Jimmy Buffett, RIP

    It’s a sad day, even if you’re not a Parrot Head. Buffett wrote some of the most popular songs in the ukulele repertoire, even if they didn’t originate there. Unfortunately the video has been taken down, but a few years back, he made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show, with a vintage...
  8. hendulele


    An early Linda Ronstadt hit. Wow, was she good.
  9. hendulele

    Advise for buying Flea ukulele

    You seem to be fretting (pardon the pun) about this a lot. :)You can't lose either way. I have a concert Fluke with a wood fretboard that was built probably in 2009 or so, because the label is from the original MFC location in New Hartford, CT. Phyllis Webb said they had a lot of leftover...
  10. hendulele


    OMG. Shinyribs is a treasure. Sorry you missed him and his great band. (Plays a bari uke, too!)
  11. hendulele

    Effect of age of solid wood uke on its sound?

    All correct. Build methods (design, size, and placement of bracing, for instance, along with of the thickness of the top or the bridge plate) also make a difference.
  12. hendulele


    Thank you, Val, for saving the Seasons!
  13. hendulele

    SOTU 601 -- Sealife

    As of this second, no one has brought this obvious one. So I’ll do it!
  14. hendulele

    8-string Show and tell - Martin taropatches

    I got one, too …
  15. hendulele

    Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings

    Del, thanks for hosting this special event! I never thought I could do this song in a key I could sing (and maybe I still haven't). The challenging part is the Bm/E rocking part of each chorus, but I knocked that out pretty well ... only to not be able to stick the landing in about five...
  16. hendulele

    Do you use a music stand or something else?

    Yes. They’re sturdy, inexpensive, portable. Check all the boxes.
  17. hendulele

    Flea or Fluke?

    Don’t really play straight blues, but it’s awfully versatile.
  18. hendulele

    Flea or Fluke?

    Yes, the fretboard on the Flea and the Fluke are both about an inch longer than the “standard.” I owned a Flea and a Fluke with plastic fretboards and sold both. All three of my MFCs have the wooden fretboards and I much prefer them, especially if you like to play around with different string...
  19. hendulele

    Strings I don't like Nylgut, I like black nylon

    Quick correction: Aquila doesn’t make pure fluorocarbon strings. They have proprietary formulas that emulate nylon, gut, and fluros. The white Aquilas probably are Nylgut or Super Nylgut. Strings are personal preferences. Nylon was the synthetic material first used to replace gut and a lot of...
  20. hendulele

    I will be buying my first “forever uke. Which one should it be?

    I second this recommendation if you’re looking for a concert scale. It’s really good.