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    SOTU 550 (!!!) "IT'S ONLY A MOVIE, INGRID!"

    The 1974 movie, "Buster and Billie" wasn't a big block buster by any means, and has become a bit of cult classic amongst those that saw and remember it. Lost for several years, it was recently found and reissued on Blu-Ray. Hoyt Axton wrote and performed the theme song for the movie, and did a...
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    SOTU 349: HALLOWEEN SONGS - ddanner

    Sotu played here flag graphic SOTU 349 "HALLOWEEN SONGS" AWARD BANNER GRAPHIC by BEVOMU: Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized image.
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    SOTU 349: HALLOWEEN SONGS - ddanner

    And the nominees for sotu #349 are: Using a highly sophisticated technique of combining personal preferences and dice rolling, I have come up with the following lists of NOMINEES for the three prize categories: I. For Favorite Newly Written Halloween or Fall Festival Song (In no particular...
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    SOTU 349: HALLOWEEN SONGS - ddanner

    WELCOME TO SEASON 349: HALLOWEEN SONGS Please bring any covers or originals that you feel would make a good song to perform at a Halloween Party, and be sure to tell us who you have in mind as a target audience for each song. (e.g. children, mature adult, senior center, etc.) All of your...
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    Season 266: Foreign Language

    WHOO HOO! Guess what arrived in yesterday's mail? I am thrilled, Sara and thanks so much again for your wonderful Season. I wasn't sure which ukulele I would put it on, but my mahogany bari "demanded" it because it complimented its rich brown colors so nicely! Can't argue with your...
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    Season 230: Singer songwriters 1, 2, 3

    SOTU 230 INTRODUCTION ANNOUNCEMENT: My three favorite singer songwriters all have their roots in the folk songs and ballads of the 60's. To help me celebrate this week of my birthday, I would be thrilled to hear as many Seasonista versions of their songs as possible as long as your attention...
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    Season 218: Wildlife songs

    Are you on the participants list? Looks like the SOTU 218 Party is drawing to an end, and I need to get ready to draw some names out of one of my hats in less than 2 days! Excluding my 2 videos and 1 that was deleted by its submitter, I believe there have so far been 74 videos brought to the...
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    Season 218: Wildlife songs

    Well, it ain't a rat, but close enough! Are you familiar with the Southeast Ukers group? Love their logo, and your Krabbers Kover! Now I'm wondering why no one has brought "Dead Skunk" to the party? Hmmm, not a good fit for Option 1, but certainly should fit 2 or 3! Thanks Mark, for...
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    Season 218: Wildlife songs

    Thanks Mark! I did it first as what is called a cold-cast bronze, then switched to painting them:
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    Season 218: Wildlife songs

    This being the first time I have hosted a Season, I would like to make this an opportunity to introduce myself, and to learn a bit more about each of you. I am now retired and trying hard to learn the “Aloha Spirit” of the ukulele, but most of my life has centered around wildlife. I have had...
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    SOTUDesigns Tshirts

    Thanks for such a quick reply Lynda. Here it is with the text I've added for the campsite flag I want to have made. I've also sent a PM to lelouden regarding how to get this onto a t-shirt or coffee mug, etc. through the Zazzle SOTU store she has set up. Check it out, and what do you think?
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    Scrolling Song/Chord sheet PDF files on an Ipod, Iphone, or Ipad

    I've converted a lot of songsheets to pdf file format so that I can easily view them from our Ipad or Ipod and am enjoying the many pluses of viewing the songsheets on a mobile device rather than a cumbersome 3 ring binder. I would now like to reformat the page size to permit continuous auto...
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    Up Around The Bend (John Fogerty - CCR) Intro Riff

    Has anyone figured out how to do the key intro riff to John Fogerty's "Up Around The Bend? I'm playing the song in the key of D and believe that the intro notes are keyed around the second position D chord (7655), especially the d note on the 1st string. Can anyone help?
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    Need More Verses for "I'm A Senator, and I'm Okay!" (tune for Lumberjack Song) HELP!

    Need More Verses for "I'm A Senator, and I'm Okay!" (tune for Lumberjack Song) HELP! I'm A Senator, and I'm Okay! Intro: G C D G G C Oh, I'm a Senator, and I'm okay D G I work real hard for little pay. Oh, he's a Senator, and he's okay He works real...
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    Any interest in creating a UU Guitarpro 6 Users Group?

    I am still very new to all of this stuff (ukes, music, the uu forum, guitarpro 6, tabbing, etc.) so I was reluctant to just go ahead and do it without first getting some feedback. Hopefully, this is the most appropriate Forum to seek feedback on this topic. Is anyone else interested in...
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    Chord Diagram file with individual gifs or jpegs?

    I would like to make some of my own practice sheets ala Uncle Rod's suggested process in his 2011 revised Free Songbook. Does anyone know of a free available file of good chord diagrams that can be pasted into my word processing software? I found where someone had once posted such a file of...
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    Old Dog - New Uker: Hello from Roanoke, Virginia USA

    I tried the guitar several times over the years but never seemed to get beyond learning a few chords. Started with a Lanakai ukulele this June and quickly acquired UAS. Just received my first solid wood uke last week and am thrilled. I can't believe how much fun I am having with 2 less...
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    Determining which chords to strum if you know the notes - Pet Parade by Hoyt Axton

    There is a favorite song I would like to be able to strum play for my grand children. It is Pet Parade by Hoyt Axton: With my wife's help I was able to pick out and tab the notes, but I am having a hard time determining which chords to use and...