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  1. Neil_O

    Sold Koaloha Sopranino/Noah Soprano

    The cool things don't require bumps!
  2. Neil_O

    Black hole sun fingerstyle arrangment

    You play wonderfully. I like your use of hands.
  3. Neil_O

    New Is there a "cancel" option for replies and or private convos?

    For some reason I like to use Notepad for this! The yearly review program at my job times out quickly, so I would have lost a lot of work if I didn't keep longer online postings offline.
  4. Neil_O

    What a difference a minute makes

    I think you can use an 'Auction Sniper' for this. You could even wake up in the middle of the night to watch your sniper get you the item you desire!
  5. Neil_O

    Low G Do you low wound G players…

    It's hard to change worn frets, so I stay away from them now.
  6. Neil_O

    Rebel or KoAloha? Gloss or Matte finish?

    Gloss finish locks into the sweaty crook of your right arm better. I like both finishes, but I like the back of the neck to be satin.
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    Similar topic for you
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    Looking for baritone blues

    It is possible to print things from the internet. Maybe there's a library near you that can help you print your info. Here are some songs collected by Spencer Gay...
  9. Neil_O

    Are long right-hand fingernails *really* necessary for fingerstyle?

    Thanks for the comparison. I can't see the fingernails on my strumming hand when the palm is facing me, but the nails are pretty long when viewed from that side.
  10. Neil_O

    Are long right-hand fingernails *really* necessary for fingerstyle?

    Can you describe your interpretation of Segovia's advice? Does the length of the nails change based on each individual's fingertip shape?
  11. Neil_O

    Flat Fret Board or Radius

    Barre chords. They are easier for me to form on a radiused board. I only have one radiused uke, and many flat ones, so that may be telling.
  12. Neil_O

    Are long right-hand fingernails *really* necessary for fingerstyle?

    When people do a lot of manual labor with their hands, their fingertips can be tougher too. At one point when I had callouses on my palms, my fingertips were tough. I think someone would do better at producing bold tones the rougher/harder their fingertips are.
  13. Neil_O

    Are long right-hand fingernails *really* necessary for fingerstyle?

    1. As long as you can pluck each string you can do it. 2. The experience is a little different when you have nails. As my nails have grown the strike zone is moving. Mine are only about 2.5 mm on a string action ruler.
  14. Neil_O

    Where did you buy your uke(s)?

    4 from uu marketplace 1 from Ukulele Source in the San Jose area, California 4 from Craigslist
  15. Neil_O

    NUD: Risa Stick

    I don't use a strap on most of my ukes, but my soprano is the first uke I started using a strap on. There is just not enough body to squeeze and that end is sort of uncomfortable. At the headstock, there is less place for your thumb in first position, so the strap helps stabilize the uke. I...
  16. Neil_O

    UAS Cured---Enjoying Uke Much More

    Interesting how different folks approach excess and consumerism & collecting physical culture and memories. At one point Shimabukuro said he had only one uke, and it really made me think. I do have more than one place setting for each family member in my kitchen cupboards, so yes, I don't...
  17. Neil_O

    I need some cheese with this whine…

    That's too bad. Maybe pull out a slide and blues it up?
  18. Neil_O

    My original songs : Reste derrière

    This is fantastic. Please re-post when even better!
  19. Neil_O

    Do ukuleles have a “pre-war Gibson” analog like banjos do?

    I thought the sound would be in the head. I now wonder which components of a banjo make a meaningful difference, other than neck feel. Are pre-war banjo heads a thing?
  20. Neil_O

    Attention Publix Shoppers!

    Robert Plant!