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  1. ukulelezo

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 9!

    Ah, the 90's. Pretty sure I was wearing a patchwork overall dress with combat boots. Blessedly hidden in this photo.
  2. ukulelezo

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 8!

    Happy birfday, Jon!
  3. ukulelezo

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 8!

    It's been devastating here. A really tough day. First the news about Will and Jada and now this?
  4. ukulelezo

    Happy Towel Day!

  5. ukulelezo

    Ukulele? Alarm

    Ok, not really a ukulele per se, but I would rather wake up to this alarm than my current one. :)
  6. ukulelezo

    Lot of Old Ukulele Music

    I have come into the possession of a bunch of old ukulele sheet music from the 20's. I am looking to give it a good home. Here are the titles: A Little White Gardenia, Sam Coslow - 1925 After my Laughter Came Tears, Charles Tobias, Roy Turk - 1928 All Alone, Irving Berlin - 1924 Am I Blue...
  7. ukulelezo

    Kids books with ukulele?

    Hey everyone! I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any kids books that have or are about the ukulele? Not a "how to play" but an actual story? Also, does anybody have any story ideas if one needed to write one? Thanks! :)
  8. ukulelezo

    Extravagant Thoughts

    New song. Inspired by conversations with my friend Henry. * but about S.
  9. ukulelezo

    Ukulele Speakeasy in Toronto, Ontario

    Ukulele Speakeasy Featuring: Manitoba Hal Ukulelezo Rye & Ginger & Jimmy the Uke Hosted by David Newland Friday, January 29th, Blue Moon Pub 725 Queen St. E. (at Broadview) 8 PM start $10.00 at the door Come out of the cold and warm your heart with the sound of four strings!
  10. ukulelezo

    The Apartment Song

    I resisted calling this "The Aheartment Song". Be grateful. :)
  11. ukulelezo

    Song suggestions for a Burlesque Cabaret show?

    I have to play a set in a Burlesque Cabaret show and I need some suggestions for sassy, sexy, saucy songs to play. Any time period. Help please?
  12. ukulelezo


    "Hey, ladies in the place I'm callin' out to ya.." G.I.G.A.P.U.S - Girls in Glasses and Playing Ukulele Society
  13. ukulelezo

    The World Premiere of No Skanks on Sunday!

    Here is the first video from our all girl ukulele band - No Skanks On Sunday! Featuring UU members Hellojodi, Amy and Ukulelezo! What we lack in polish we make up for in enthusiasm. :p
  14. ukulelezo

    Hot in Herre - Nelly

    For those of you gettin' naked and for those of you not.
  15. ukulelezo

    Ukulele names

    sorry - i searched for ukulele names not uke names. my bad.
  16. ukulelezo

    Wikipedia list of Ukulele Musicians

    So I just noticed the Wikipedia page for Ukulele Musicians has Julia Nunes listed but not James Hill!?!? Interesting. Can someone or someones please update it? I'm not sure how to do it and there seem to be lots of people more technologically able than I who frequent the underground! There...
  17. ukulelezo

    One more for my baby

    I just got a new uke! I am banishing my old one with a farewell in the style of ol' blue eyes. I'm a newbie here and I fear I will be addicted to the UU in no time!