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  1. Plainsong

    Joeybug's absence is going to be a bit more extended

    I was talking to Joey the other night, and she's going through a proper ME relapse, which she hasn't had to cope with since like 2003. To give you an idea, she's about 20-30% on this scale, where she's normally more like 50-60%. Her Brittle Asthma and Fibro generally give her more problems than...
  2. Plainsong

    How I spent my day

    So Joey and I are redoing our first song, It Hurts to be Me, because we've learned so much and there were so many mistakes.... and we have better recording gear now. We're slowly just building it back up. Well, mainly Anders and I are doing that right now while Joey gets better, but she'll have...
  3. Plainsong

    Daily Ukulele Update: Joeybug is taking a bit of a break

    I was talking to Joey earlier tonight, and she asked me to post this for her in my own words. She's had a tough year and is in the middle of a fibro flare-up, and is in a place both physically and emotionally where everything feels like stress, and stress makes her physical condition that much...
  4. Plainsong

    The "What I got for Christmas that isn't a uke" Megathread (Or holiday of choice)

    The "What I got for Christmas that isn't a uke" Megathread (Or holiday of choice) I know that many of us already know what Santa is bringing, (or hoping what Santa will bring) and while it can't always be a uke, maybe we're still really excited and jumping up and down and want to share it with...
  5. Plainsong

    NTD (New Tattoo Day)

    My husband and I got these for our 10th anniversary a few years back. It wasn't text, so the artist was game to do it. Wedding rings kinda get in the way, so instead we have our own private little gang logo. :D Is it your first tattoo? Are you addicted yet?
  6. Plainsong

    Joey's in the hospital

    She's been collapsing almost multiple times a day, this time she went down with the walker on top of her and may have broken something. They have some ideas as to why, but I can't really discuss those, just to say that there has been some red tape trying to get to the test results. Now with this...
  7. Plainsong

    FS: Sailor Brand Soprano + pegheds + misi: (AKA I need a new mic)

    And... a picture of the back. :) I didn't realize the attachments would be so tiny. Here are some larger versions. Uke is sold. Thanks to mo9090x and UU.
  8. Plainsong

    FS: Sailor Brand Soprano + pegheds + misi: (AKA I need a new mic)

    Price Drop! FS: Sailor Brand Soprano + pegheds + misi: (AKA I need a new mic) I finally have a uke-friendly box, and I'm in need of a new mic, so the Sailor Soprano is going up for sale. In fact, the acoustic demo will tell the story of why I need that new mic, and why you should never ever...
  9. Plainsong

    This one is from me, on behalf of Joeybug - She CAN sing!

    We all know Joey bravely posts Daily Ukulele videos, and tackles that singing-and-playing thing with more bravery than I, or many of us are willing to do in a video... Although when you do that, it's tough to really show what you're capable of. The people who find singing and playing easy, take...
  10. Plainsong

    Joey's going to be MIA for a little while: fractured pelvis

    Joey literally has nothing else to do but to take a progress picture daily to try to keep her spirits up. But don't be fooled by this pic. This has been a tough day. The pain has been enormous, and she needs better doctor care than she got at that pos ER (my commentary, not hers), and she will...
  11. Plainsong

    Joey's going to be MIA for a little while: fractured pelvis

    Joey is set up in bed recuperating. She wanted me to let everyone know that she's kinda ok. In a great deal of pain, but alive and ... well not really kicking, but maybe kicking with one leg. :)
  12. Plainsong

    Joey's going to be MIA for a little while: fractured pelvis

    I just got word from Joey's best friend and full time carer that she took a fall and fractured her pelvis earlier today. She had a fall the day before as well, so they don't yet know if this is some fibro, ME, or other related thing, or if she just had a bout of the clumsies. Certainly it's not...
  13. Plainsong

    Aloha Spirit re: "No Bashing"

    My mistake. The fix wasn't "sincere" enough. :wtf: <-- Leave it alone already. You refused the fix, so quit bringing it up in threads that have nothing to do with it. You've done it twice it's there for everyone to see. Edit to add - No one is attacking you. We're just disagreeing and wishing...
  14. Plainsong

    The birth of a song: Thank You

    I'm going to copy this from our blog since that's pretty much what I'd say here: :) With two group members married and living in one country, and the third living in another, you have to take these things slowly. In the case of this song, the song mostly already existed, but some chords didn’t...
  15. Plainsong

    It's the Rocking Dodars, the dodar rock!

    If this goes better in song writing, mods please feel free to move it there. I have the flu right now and the thinking part of my brain is overcome with sinus pressure. :( Anyway, most of yall remember how Joey and I did her big single to help Fibro research, right? Well around that time, she...
  16. Plainsong

    Aquila Red Low-G goes *pop*

    I've not had a chance to try out the Aquila Red yet, but I've bought plenty from mercatinodellukulele, which I THINK is Mimmo, isn't it? The street address is the same. Also, they have a wirehaired doxie, and this makes them good people by default. Anyway, looking forward to trying out the Low...
  17. Plainsong

    Another JoeyBug Medical Alert

    Not too long ago, Joey posted in the VIP lounge that she might not be here too often, for the foreseeable future. I've been talking to her over Skype throughout the weekend, and she is going so downhill so quickly. She's been waiting for a bed so that she can get tested, but it's not going to...
  18. Plainsong

    Slight stall to the Daily Ukulele: Joey is taking a field trip to the hospital

    Joey texted me to let everyone know that there's a slight DU delay while she's in the hospital. Her lungs need some more help, and in order to get them the right help, they have to test what's happening when she sleeps. They slipped her into the schedule quickly, so when she posted the DU thread...
  19. Plainsong

    UU Wallpaper

    This one was uploaded here some years ago, I post it as a screenshot since I'm not the author and don't have permission to distribute it, but it might be found with a search?
  20. Plainsong

    Koaloha - which bridge is the best/preferred?

    I wish I had the version with the name on it. My concert uke doesn't have much room for strings in the bridge, and if you don't want the C string knot to stick out, you'll be very very very limited in your string choices. I emailed a couple times to ask if it was possible to make that hole...