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  1. Jack

    The Sign-Ace of Base

    Love that song. Anyone know it?
  2. Jack

    Picking for CMJ on guitar

    Does anyone know the picking for CMJ on the guitar (not ukulele)? I'm talking about the one in his video, with the capo on the 5th fret. Here's the song he does: I got the chords already (F, Am, Dm, Bb) It's seriously killing us that we don't know lol.
  3. Jack

    The Ultimate Word Game Thread

    Welcome! I've been meaning to do this for the longest time now, so here it goes. Let's start and ultimately super long, super amazing, WORD GAME! :rock: Here's how you play: First someone comes up with a word (I'll do that part). I pick the word "fish". The next post, someone has to reply...
  4. Jack

    Merry Christmas Ukulele Underground!!'s not Christmas yet, but I feel like I should get a head start and shout out to all my favorite ukers out there. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  5. Jack

    Uke Strings from the Uke Store

    My tenor strings just came in the mail today. I bought them from the ukeunderground store on this site. They are okay, but when fully tightened to the right tune, they weren't very strong, but flimsy. I may just go on to metal strings, being that they make a very clear sound and are much...
  6. Jack


    Omg, that show is hilarious. And its on at a great time, right before Heroes on monday. I wish i could meet a guy that's as hilarious as chuck and be his best friend. I'd totally relate to morgan hahaha. Who else watches chuck?
  7. Jack

    How do you train your fingers for E chords

    When playing an E chord, you have to press every string on the 4 fret except for the A string, the highest string. What's a good technique to train your fingers so you can play a good, clean E chord?
  8. Jack

    My Posts section

    It's hard to keep track of what i've posted and where to find it. Can there be a "my posts" area sorta like what has? its not a sub-forum thing, just a link that you click on and it shows something like the search page on google that comes up with a list of sites. Just the same...
  9. Jack

    I cant change my picture

    how do you change the picture? i went to the control panel and changed the pic and saved it, but it's still not working...
  10. Jack

    Help Forum

    Not for Uke help, but just in general. Maybe if you're having trouble with something on your profile, or buying something, or watching a video. it seems kind of small for an actual forum, but it could help. I think we already have many forums to begin with and adding more isn't gonna help...
  11. Jack

    Is runescape still good?

    I remember playing runescape a long time ago. I stopped playing because i was getting slightly bored of it. Is it still fun?
  12. Jack

    How did you find Ukulele Underground?

    Everyone's has a different story! So how did you guys find Put your story HERE!
  13. Jack

    Complete Ukulele Chords

    I just found this when on ukepedia. Its a complete set of chords for the ukulele. It'll help you to convert and musical chords from any instrument.
  14. Jack

    Something in your Eyes by David Martin

    One of David Martin's greatest songs or only songs is one of my favorites. I tried looking up the chords to this, but i couldn't find anything. Can anyone help me with the chords that are played? Here's the video:
  15. Jack

    Sweet Home Alabama-Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Some people know the some "All summer long" by Kid Rock. It's kind of a mix of Sweet home alabama with a werewolves of london intro and bridge. It just consist's of D, C, and G. There isn't to much to add on to it. but just some of the small solo strumming's in the song that i wish i knew how to...
  16. Jack

    UU Gaian Guild

    I'm pretty new hear so i dont think any of my thoughts are gonna be heard. But I was thinking we could make a ukulele underground guild for anyone that does "Gaia". For people who dont know what gaia is, it's a community, forum based website for just about anyone to chat about anything. It's a...