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  1. Doug W


    Why is that handlebar called "mini ape"?
  2. Doug W


    I work anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a week at a canning company. It's a 7 mile round trip and actually faster on bike than bus or car. I'm sure your kids will enjoy the seats. My kids range between 23 and 44 but I do have a 4 year old granddaughter so maybe if I can get permission from my son...
  3. Doug W


    We looked into Lectrics before deciding on Aventon. We chose Aventon because they are sold locally and we were a little concerned about ordering online. I ride my bike to work a couple days a week. Fortunately for bike commuting, it has been dry in Minneapolis. Unfortunately for everything...
  4. Doug W


    We did go on the camping trip. The trip was much easier on ebikes. After the trip we decided to buy plushier seats. I hope we can do one more camping/ebike trip before the snow flies. We are driving to the Grand Canyon at the end of this month but no bikes involved. We will bring ukes however...
  5. Doug W

    Playing with hand/wrist pain

    I have to agree with a radiused fretboard. I have only owned one instrument, (a mandolin), with a radiused fretboard and that seemed easier to fret. So why don't all my instruments have radiused fretboards?....
  6. Doug W

    Playing Pain-free

    Thanks for sharing the stretches. I realized one day, while at some event, that lots of clapping had improved the tendinitis/arthritis in my left wrist. I intended to write a book called "Applause Therapy", but after saying, "clap your hands", I couldn't come up with the next chapter, maybe...
  7. Doug W

    Special offer- free sticker, but there's a catch... #mauistrong

    Thanks for putting this together.
  8. Doug W

    Strings Worth Browns for a Concert.

    This does not accurately answer your question but... I have had Worth Browns on my Mainland mahogany tenor since 2009. My wife's Mainland mahogany concert sounds great with Aquila nylguts.
  9. Doug W


    Great idea!
  10. Doug W


    Thanks for the responses. In 2 weeks, weather permitting, my wife and I are going camping, strapping what will fit to the ebikes. This is a 50 mile round trip. Google Maps says it is a 2 hour - 9 minute trip by regular bike. Pre-Covid, my wife and I did this trip on regular bikes in just under...
  11. Doug W


    E-biking in the rain. So I started this thread in March of this year. Currently I am riding my e-bike to work 3 days a week. It is only a 7 mile round trip but now it is a fun 7 mile round trip. I am curious about other e-bikers who have been caught in the rain. I know that my model of e-bike...
  12. Doug W

    "The Point," by Harry Nillson - Really!

    Thanks. Nice project. Now I wonder what I did with that LP...
  13. Doug W

    Aqua Marina (Stingray 1964 TV series end credits theme song)

    You'll have to do a series: Fireball XL5 and Supercar.
  14. Doug W

    Martin Ukulele Owners Club

    My wife found this in a thrift store 30 years ago. The "Martin Backpacker Ukulele", the thinnest sounding instrument Martin ever made. I recently put on some Aquila Carbon Black strings and it is the best it has sounded in 30 years.
  15. Doug W

    The Brochure Thread

    "String Clipper": same amount of syllables as "Side Winder", which leads us to the "Knights Templar"!
  16. Doug W

    Gluing wood binding

    Thanks for sharing that. Why didn't I think of it?
  17. Doug W

    Show off your cheap ukes!

    I paid $40 for this Akai uke. Apparently many of these were churned out. This one is not perfectly symmetrical and has been fiddled with over the years. Someone put these geared tuners on, plus replaced the bridge. I removed the back to replace a couple of braces that were loose and cracked. I...
  18. Doug W

    Interesting tracking update for uke shipped from China.

    This could turn into a Netflix series!
  19. Doug W

    Toy Ukuleles!

    My Carnival sopranino. Mostly a wall hanger.
  20. Doug W

    Do Under Saddle Pickups Effect Natural Tone?

    I have had under saddle pickups on 3 guitars in the past. My ear never picked up a change in tone.