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    Pan's labyrinth lullaby?

    So, at one point, in the not-so-distant past there was a beautifully tabbed out version of the Pan's Labyrinth lullaby available in the tabs and chords. My search-fu is failing me, does someone have a link handy? It was paired with a Dropkick Murphy's song and was in an odd tuning. Not sure...
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    New baritone strings snapped, want clarification.

    Ugh! I just got my first baritone ukulele delivered today, finally sat down with it this evening, tuned it up, played it for about an hour and my D string snapped. I've never had a string snap on my concert or tenor uke. Is this common with baritones? Since it was the 'D' it was one of the...
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    Mainland Baritone?

    I'm shopping around for a baritone to start playing around with and while I think the Mainland may be out of my reach price-wise, I'm curious if anyone has any video or sound samples of it? A quick search here on the forum and on YouTube turned up no results. So anyone make any video's lately...
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    I Will Follow You Into the Dark

    Yay! My first video! It took me like eight million takes (but only one this morning to finally get it right). Thanks to everyone who provided tips to me in the thread under Uke Talk. Let me know what you all think.
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    Question for those who make videos...

    Let me just say: I have even more respect for those of you who makes videos now. I'm working on making my first video. I've got two songs that I feel like I knew up, down and sideways: Redemption Song and I Will Follow You Into the Dark. They're in my daily practice routine. As soon as that...
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    Jammin' or exercise? Jam or exercise? For all you UUers trying to implement an exercise program, here's something to consider... :D
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    Enable my UAS.

    Oh, I finally caught UAS. I've been saving up for a new ukulele for a little while now. I've got one of the lower end Flea concerts and I've been wanting a tenor. Originally, I was saving up for the Kala KA-ASMT-C (solid mahogany w/ PU). But my wife said something to me the other night that...
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    Little Boxes

    They just released the new season of Weeds, which means I'm going to have Little Boxes stuck in my head for the next few weeks (every season, I go around humming it for about a month). I've done a few searches here and on YouTube and can't seem to find the fingerpicking for the opening. I...
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    Thumb strumming-chunking?

    I've seen several threads that say what finger you strum with is a matter of comfort and preference. I'm way more comfortable strumming with my thumb than my pointer finger. But I can't seem to get that cool chunking noise with my thumb. I can get it with my pointer, loud and clear. I can...
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    Aaug5sus4 chord?

    I've been lurking around in the forums for a bit now. Just got my first ukulele a couple of weeks ago and *loving* it. I've already taught myself one full song (still rough, but I can make it through it!) and working on my second. I'm working on the Hero of Canton, from the Firefly TV show...