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    Help with twinkle little star chords

    Do you mean you don't know which chords to play, or are you looking for Chord Melody? As for standard chords, in C, this is pretty common. Singers might be good with it all the way to the Key...
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    Help with twinkle little star chords

    That's just lovely--but it certainly isn't the traditional tune! Jewel's is also lovely:
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    Gotoh UPT Knockoffs

    Do you have a link? UPT and Ukulele Planetary Tuners are not generating any results on AliExpress.
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    MagicFluke Flea vs other polycarbonates

    I am all for Magic Fluke/Flea but admittedly am not a fan of the friction tuners (they work, but I am not a fan). I wish there was another stock option than the pegheads. That all said, I don’t see any Magic Fluke or Flea as a beater instrument. I would recommend an Outdoor Ukulele for this...
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    Movable chord shape Em

    I personally don’t play that shape as a barre but instead with all four fingers (in order, 3421, but I’ll be interested to see what others say.
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    What's up with the Blackbird secondary market?

    Wow! Talk about a resurrection of an old thread. I didn’t know what FMM was at the time (Flea Market Music). Crazy!
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    Need strap suggestions

    I just swapped it out for the standard strap adapter; I would suggest reaching out to MusicNomad directly.
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    Need strap suggestions

    I just did an installation of one of these. Recommended. Accessory Review - MusicNomad Acousti-Lok Strap Lock Adapter
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    Thoughts on KoAlana by KoAloha?

    Someone else just posted in this thread, but considering the brand new Oha model by Kanile’a, the discussion above has a new meaning!
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    Review- aNueNue C30 Concert Ukulele

    Thanks for posting, Vic! Somehow I became un-subscribed to your channel (something I never actually did…I only do so if there’s a reason to do so). So, back to a subscription again, and just a reminder to others to check channels that you haven’t heard from for a while in the event that you...
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    Female ukulele professionals

    I suppose it depends on your budget…in no particular order Sarah Maisel (Daniel Chee would travel with her) Nicole Keim (Aaron would travel with her, and she can do all kinds of sessions) Victoria Vox Rachel Manke Danielle Ate the Sandwich Brittini Paiva Taimane Heidi Swedberg Mim (she could do...
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    Flight Ultra Soprano Travel Ukulele

    I’m pretty sure the Uke Republic has some of these in stock.
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    How relatively messed up is it when you can't continue playing because the song makes you cry?

    Believe it or not, as I prepared “When She Loved Me” (Toy Story 2) for a Ukulele Play Along (I’ll embed the finished play along below—but be warned, it isn’t a “four chords and the truth level song)), I couldn’t make it through the song (playing it by myself without the recording). I don’t know...
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    8-string Show and tell - Martin taropatches

    I’d be happy with a C1K. I’ve owned the Ohana and I think the neck is just too thick. I missed out on the fire sale of the Pono Taropatches a few years ago, but if I didn’t like my Ohana taropatch, I was probably going to be disappointed with the Pono (again, neck). I’m not sure of any other...
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    Kanile'a Oha new product line

    Didn’t Kanile’a already have a model in this range? Is this just a re-release? I think Tim has nailed this one on the head with his posts. $1500 K Brand ukuleles are going to be out of range for most players—and that is or is going to be the ENTRY point. I came into this instrument in 2016...
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    Kanile'a Oha new product line

    I haven’t seen those Mahalos anywhere. All the Mahalos I see are the super cheap models, which are often around $50 these days.
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    8-string Show and tell - Martin taropatches

    I would love to see a new Taropatch based on the C1K. I should go e-mail them.
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    Festival The Great Minnesota Uke Gathering/Minnesota Bluegrass Fall Jam, Nov 10-12, '23

    I just took my (incoming) 6th Grade son to orientation, and while the skies are blue today, the smell of smoke is strong in the air again. It has been this way ALL summer. I guess this new Air Quality Alert goes from last night (9:30pm) through the 21st!
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    Festival The Great Minnesota Uke Gathering/Minnesota Bluegrass Fall Jam, Nov 10-12, '23

    I had a very good visit with Cadenza’s manager last Friday, actually, talking ukuleles. Like many music stores, the sub $250 range will be the majority of their sales, and they are looking at expanding their offerings. They did carry some Ponos and have one remaining; they also have some Amani...