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    New Martin strings devoloped with Aquila

    Looks like Martin partnered up with Aquila for there new Uke Premium strings. Not sure if they are the same as the lava (supernylgut) string since i don't know if Polygut is the same as Supernylgut.
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    Testing a new Aquila string that may be coming out soon

    For the last couple of weeks, I have been testing out a possible new string set for Aquila. I don't know what materials are being used for this string, but I do know that they are not strictly a fluorocarbon string but a blend of some sort. They are strung up on my Pono (mahogany) tenor uke...
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    National play your uke day

    Today, May 2nd, is national play your uke day. I hope everyone is celebrating appropriately.
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    Any info on the Aquila carbonblack strings?

    The Aquila website still doesn't have any real info on what these strings are made of. Just that they think they are "better" than fluorocarbon strings. Does anybody have any information on what they are made of? I don't know that they have even been released yet.
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    Compensated saddle question

    My Big Island tenor has a compensated saddle and I noticed that I have a bit of a rut, or groove starting to wear in it from my wound c string. I know by using a wound third, it can/will happen. My question is, is it worth it to replace it with another compensated saddle or just a regular...
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    String theory question

    Whether you use a wound or unwound string for the 3rd string, the "c" string, it is still termed the "c" string, and is the same octave. When one uses a wound string for the 4th, it is termed a low g, and is in fact a lower octave, if I'm using the term correct. The octave, or pitch, isn't any...
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    Aquila prototype strings?

    I came across this video from HMS of some prototype Aquila strings being used. Anyone know anything about what they may be? I know they have talked about fluorocarbon strings in the past. Could these finally be them?
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    New steel string baritones are up at HMS

    Just noticed the new steel string baritones are up at HMS, if anybody has some money burning a whole in there pocket. Three models, UL4-10, UL-20, and UL-40.
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    Hit a finger picking pattern wall

    Any finger pickers ever hit a wall with a particular pattern? I have been practicing a pretty straight forward pattern, using the thumb on the 4,3, strings and then first finger for the 1 string, then 4,3, and the two string. So, 4-3-1, 4-3-2. I can get a few rotations but always fall back to a...
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    Is this even legal? eBay "Pono" listing

    I came across this listing on eBay and was wondering if you can legally take an instrument, change it and still sell it under the original manufacturers name? Not to mention, if you blow up the pictures it was a shoddy job at that. He does mention that he worked on it, but should you have to...
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    Advice on selling a uke

    I'm thinking of selling one of my ukes. I have never bought used or sold a uke yet, so I'm looking for tips. How is payment made, i.e...check, PayPal, or some other type of method? Ideally, I would rather not pay some type of transaction fee. Or are they minimal? As for shipping, do you get a...
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    RIP Mark Josephs, tenor guitar advocate

    I just read over at the mandolin cafe, in the tenor guitar section that Mark passed away. He was a major tenor guitar advocate.
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    Help with "You Sang to Me" song

    I was wondering if somebody can direct me to a tutorial for this Marc Anthony song? The acoustic guitar part through out the songs seems tailor-made from some uke finger picking, but I can not figure out a pattern to use. If somebody can help me figure out a pattern, that would be awesome. I...
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    Baritone, shouldn't it be D tuning? Help.

    Ok, if a tenor is considered C tuning because the lowest note is the C string. Than wouldn't a baritone be considered D tuning, not G, since the lowest note is the D string? Or does re-entrant and linear have something to do with the classification? Music theory confuses me, so please educate...
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    Baritone gCEA tuning question.

    I have a new Bari due today and I was thinking of trying a low g (GCEA) tuning on it. I have been watching Glen Rose videos where he uses this tuning, and it sounds really nice. He mentions to just use a regular tenor uke re-entrant set and to just re-organize the strings by diameter, larger to...
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    The power of the ukulele

    I came across this video of a young lady who loves her uke. I just wanted to share it with the community. Her story. Her song about her ukulele.
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    Pepe Romero "skin bracing"... any thoughts?

    I came across this over at HMS, thought it was an interesting idea. Replacing the the fan braces with a full size piece of thin wood on the top sound board and the back. Has this been done before? Would making a thicker top and back (with relief,) accomplish the same thing? They describe it in...
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    Does Fremont string have a website?

    Does anyone know if Fremont string has an actual website? I have searched the web and can not find anything other than a couple of string sites that sell the the strings. It just seemed odd that there is no actual manufacturer website where you could get any info you may be looking for...
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    Some new strings out, Pepe Romero strings.

    Looks like some new strings to try out. Pepe Romero has a line of strings out now for anyone afflicted with SAS. Available at HMS.
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    D'Addario has a uke cover song contest going on.

    If anyone is interested, D'Addario has a uke cover song contest going on right now. You cover a song by the band Walk Off The Earth. Winner goes on stage to perform with the band. I figure all you Seasonista's would have fun with this.