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    Low G Do you low wound G players…

    Unless I’m experimenting between high/low G or a mix of different strings on a particular uke, I just change the whole set. Then less variables to consider as a function of tone and feel. As regards the side discussion of wound vs unwound, I make that decision dependent on the particular...
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    Please, somebody buy this

    So maybe not $150k but $31k and counting ain't too shabby. ;)
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    Holy crap. Such a beautiful warm instrument. (Brittni Paiva Kanilea)

    Beautiful rendition of Lahainaluna
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    Holy crap. Such a beautiful warm instrument. (Brittni Paiva Kanilea)

    This thread does nothing to settle my curiosities. 😂
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    Please, somebody buy this Well done!
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    My experience with "The Ukulele Site", what's yours been like? (Spoiler: Not the greatest thus far)

    +1 regarding the good customer service by Isaac Peters at Ukulele Lab. I have purchased several ukuleles from him with similar experiences.
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    Gotoh upt squeak

    Is the knob harder to turn and has more tension than is necessary to hold the string? If it is, you can try letting out some tension with the adjustment screw on back on the knob.
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    My experience with "The Ukulele Site", what's yours been like? (Spoiler: Not the greatest thus far)

    In the last few years, I have purchased a couple ukuleles and the same number of guitars from TUS, all with positive experiences. I also routinely order strings and occasionally buy other accessories such as tuners and straps. Indeed, the turnaround time from initial motion to purchase a...
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    Sold Gotoh UPT 4:1 ratio planetary tuners - silver / ivoroid

    For sale: Gotoh UPT (standard length) 4:1 ratio planetary tuners with silver colored bodies and ivoroid colored knobs. The tuners are in mint condition and come from one of my Japanese ukuleles, which I converted to Gotoh open back guitar-style tuners. I have hung onto these tuners for a few...
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    How much Uke "stuff"?

    A box full of "stuff" is the inevitable consequence of being totally into something that has been fun and significant for some time. I have a small box holding 2 dozen (?) sets of brand new ukulele strings, a general toolbox holding several dedicated ukulele setup and string changing tools...
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    Effect of age of solid wood uke on its sound?

    I'm convinced that tone does change with age. Though I also see possible the selection bias where the ukes and guitars that changed for the worse were lost and forgotten, and the ones that changed for the better were kept and cherished. I think that 21yo Kamaka has had plenty of time to sound...
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    Strings Yet another string thread. 😀 Ko’olau Alohi high g

    Strings that settle quickly are definitely a desirable and probably under appreciated trait. The kinds I've tried that I felt were behind the curve in this characteristic tended to be sampled just once. Thanks for the tip. I may try these out down the road.
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    Please, somebody buy this

    That's quite a bit of "burn through" on the neck!
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    NUD: passion wins! A slow reveal…

    Love it! I’d make the same decision also if the opportunity presented itself to me. This Kamaka is a well done combination of ideas.
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    StewMac Free Membership

    I've embarked on a few DIY ukulele projects and signed up for the StewMac membership a couple times already. I've well made up the cost of membership in shipping costs and didn't have to worry about buying (and thus risk overbuying) every finishing part I possibly could use in my projects. As...
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    UAS: Stand Strong or Give In to Passion?

    I’ll say that there’s room for spending time both “collecting” and practicing. Sometimes I just want to learn a new song or play more smoothly a section of a song I already know. Other times I want to find out if I can play or sound better with an uke I haven’t played recently or at all yet.
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    What strings do you like on your Kamaka Tenor?

    In gCEA, I like Savarez fluorocarbons for their balanced tone, which is similar to the stock black nylons but with a touch greater resonance. I equally like Worth clear fluorocarbons (mediums and fat) for their smooth feel, clarity and sparkle, and Worth browns for their woody balanced tone.
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    Sold Crossrock ABS molded hard shell black tenor ukulele case (local pickup only NorCal)

    Still available! Also adding my "hostage" photo of the case...