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    Is Melodica the latest contender in the classroom now?

    I wish they would use accordinas (plastic ones like the melodicas). Here is an example of accordina and guitar.
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    Advice on solid body uke - radius fretboard

    There are a few listed on this Reverb page. I'm not associated with any of them, just trying to be helpful.
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    Just like everybody else

    If that 1000 footer is in an apartment building, don't forget the laundry room, storage room, and other out of the way places where muscial noise won't bother anybody.
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    Today's Chuckle

    What do they call it when a person dies and comes back as a hillbilly?
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    Black Nylon Strings, what’s their history?

    I don't know if they still make them, but I have a (50-year-old) wound/wrapped high E classical guitar string (Ferrer 1 Me #116) from Gatto Negro. I think it was black when I bought it, but it is grey now. If they do still make them, it would be possible for someone who is so inclined to have a...
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    Black Nylon Strings, what’s their history?

    Here is a black string that has been around for a long time. Maybe the manufacturer can give you some information.
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    Here is a terz guitar built by Johann Stauffer (C.F. Martin apprenticed with him). Here is some some original music for the terz guitar (duets and solos) played on modern instruments by Rob MacKillop.
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    Wow! I had no idea that you are 200 years old.
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    National Uke?

    Are you saying Elderly is getting out of the ukulele business or National?
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    New Uke Day (NUD) John S. Kinnard concert

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    Please, somebody buy this

    Kamaka soprano listed on Craigslist in Tampa area. I have no affiliation with it and haven't seen it. Just thought it might be of interest to someone if it is in good condition. I am not familiar with the various Kamaka models, but the label is pictured so that might help identify it...
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    Get your musical science thrill for the day!

    Thank you. That was fun to do. Since each Shepard tone contains a series of octaves, could it be that our ear/mind is simply "picking and remembering" one of the many octaves available in each of the tones and hearing the interval as going up or down depending on which of the octaves we picked...
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    Black Nylon Strings, what’s their history?

    In the 1960s I performed as a folksinger in New York, and as @merlin666 said, black strings (usually inexpensive and with ball ends) were available in most music stores and could be used in a pinch. Afterwards, I studied classical guitar as part of my music degree in college and saw an enormous...
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    Flat Fret Board or Radius

    When I was there the hardware store and the grocery store were the same store! Hardware store on one side and grocery store on the other.
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    Flat Fret Board or Radius

    I spent a few months in Molokai in the early 80s, about 30 miles east of Kaunakakai. Molokai was pretty undeveloped then. I wonder what it is like now.
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    Flat Fret Board or Radius

    It is a personal thing. Try both and see which you like better. P.S. If you weren't born there, what brought you to Molokai?
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    Anyone played or heard a uke with Kasha bracing

    I visited with Brian Griffin recently and played one of his ukes with the Kasha bracing and one with his previous bracing. Both sounded great. Like @tonyturley, I don't know if I could hear the difference in tone between two otherwise "identical" instruments that had different bracing.
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    Great historical ukulele quotes

    "Uke can take the girl out of the country, but uke can't take the country out of the girl." -Dolly Parton (or reasonable facsimile)
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    Melanie - 1971

    Melanie 1969. I like this one because of way the real fellings pour out at the end.