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    For Sale *as new* Pono Cedar Top Rosewood Master Series Baritone Nui (BN4-4-MS 7657)

    Great instrument , if it just would be tenor size 😕. GLWS
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    No longer available No Longer for sale.... Talsma Spruce and Walnut Ditson Soprano

    If I would just be at your side of the ocean..
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    Honolele Ukulele - What's the word?

    Really a nice look with their rope binding. How expensive was the concert longneck?
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    No longer available FS: Gorgeous Uluru Sedara III tenor (solid cedar/mahogany)

    I have the concert version and would have tought about it if you would have still selling it ^^
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    Sold RARE 17-fret Ken Timms Mahogany Soprano

    Great Uke, great price. Glws
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    For Sale Custom Moore Bettah concert

    Hmm, i think i saw this one in an auction some weeks ago ( sorry if im wrong). If i see the asking price ( and maybe its worth it) i should have pulled the trigger back then ^^ GLWS
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    New Uke Day (NUD) My first Ken Timms...woah.

    Congrats to that great uke ;-) Ken Timms are really great, and that spruce top is very interesting . But i wouldnt say they underpriced anymore. They were for a long time ( 300 pounds at the beginning if i remember correct). I think since the hype the are priced absolutely correct now. And...
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    Sold LoPrinzi Koa - custom model with case (EU)

    Bump and last price reduction for this beauty. 600 € + shipping
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    New Uke Day (NUD) Well used 2021 Kamaka

    Yes i know, i quoted "revdocjim". Sorry, but i dont know if i done it correctly.
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    New Uke Day (NUD) Well used 2021 Kamaka

    Sorry for the offtoptic. But i have a kiwaya kpc-1k too, but looking for a kamaka concert quite some time. Would you say the kamaka is a better uke, or are they just different?
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    Sold Ken Timms Mahogany Soprano

    I have one and it beats just every other soprano i have. Koalohas, Kiwayas and Kamakas included. Very fair price, glws.
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    Kanilea pins

    Thank you for your tips. I havent tought about the possibillity to install the beads from the other side. That means i can give my rosewood string tie beads a try, or buy some that are too large to go trough the hole ^^
  13. J

    c string over powers the rest

    I have the same problem. Can you maybe explain a little bit in detail how you fixed it? Did you meant that the nut slot was too wide and flat, and this caused the booming?
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    Kanilea pins

    I have the same problem. Can you tell what kind of beads you use? Or maybe send me an example link per pm?
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    Sold LoPrinzi Koa - custom model with case (EU)

    Bump and little price reduction
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    No longer available Kalia Soprano

    I have one that I could part with. But I'm in Europe.
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    Sold LoPrinzi Koa - custom model with case (EU)

    Im selling my custom Loprinzi concert longneck ukulele. This instrument has the most beautiful koa i ever had on a ukulele - just spectacular. Really a great and easy to play instrument, but unfortunately i need to sell some stuff. All solid Koa, matte finish, with great tuners. Good...
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    Old Martin Ukuleles Intonation

    Are the very early ones from 1919 with wood tuners as good as the later 1920 in terms of sound and intonation? Or did they produced other/ better instruments when they created the new tuners 1920?
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    Old Martin Ukuleles Intonation

    I have a question about the really old martin ukuleles (from about 1920, with wooden tuners). How is the intonation on them? I know that it depends, but are they decent, or more of a mess in general. Kumalaes from that time period were never made with the intention of a good intonation i...
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    Sold Pops KoAloha "All-New WOW" Soprano

    Wish that sale would be in Europe, great instrument. GLWS