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    Low G for Travel Uke

    Hi, need help. Is there any suitable low G string i can use on my Flight TUSL? Preferably sumtin which doesn’t need me to make any adjustments to my uke for using that string.
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    Wizard of Oz's "Over the Rainbow". Have learnt it but didn't memorise it. Glad to be able to learn reading the tabs.
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    "Stickin' with My Uke"

    Is this suitable for solid wood uke and laminate wood uke? Anyway thanks for the link! I might need this for my new uke.
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    Have you ever given a Uke to someone else?

    I once gave my purple Mahalo sop to my then-colleague. We were opposite-session teachers who shared the same classrm for that yr. I ws leaving my job at year end, and ws sure i wasn’t gonna play any musical instrument ever. But i figured better pass it to someone (my colleague) who’ll put it...
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    Ibanez Uke

    Hi, asking for a friend. Anyone has played Ibanez UKS100 ukulele? How was it? I searched the web for reviews but found very minimal info. (The info I got was pertaining to UKS10 instead). Thank u very much in advance for replies.
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    My third uke :)

    Oolala, that looks cute and sexy...
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    Is there a song or tune you’re currently obsessed with learning to play?

    Wizard Of Oz's "Over the Rainbow", chord melody by the great late Ukulele Mike. Also the Beatles' "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

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    What do you play when 1st asked

    I'll be frank and say i can't play on-the-spot as i don't memorise songs.
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    UAS strikes hard... and what was your most recent irrational purchase?

    Mine isn't irrational but it's probably 'not necessary'(?). Anyway for me it's my Flight TUSL Dark Blue. This is my first plastic uke, turning my previous collection of 5 ukes into 6. Wouldn't blame myself if i succumb to buying another to make it 7th Heaven, hehe.
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    Holy WOW what an amazing performance…

    Omg. Pure GOLD.
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    At what age did you get your first uke?

    I forgot---either 22, 23, or 24 if i remember correctly...
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    Is music your vocation/ career?

    For me it's a hobby which i regret not having much much earlier in life. Currently I'm jobhunting again, so I guess if I were to feed my UAS it would be by digging into my savings.
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    Concert-Scale Thin Soprano with wide nut

    Hi, anyone knows where I can get a soprano uke which is thinbody, has concert scale AND nutwidth of at least 36mm? Thank u in advance:)
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    Why Ukulele?

    My reason for the uke was initially out of 'necessity'. I was once a teacher and 'wanted a new skill' to contribute to my work (at that time I didn't play any other musical instrument). After getting some informal uke lessons (from my colleague who taught music at my school), I ended up...
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    What would be your signature ukulele if you had one?

    Maybe mine would be a concert-scale soprano with a 36mm or 37mm nut width. Either spruce or mahogany, or a combi of both:). The bag would be something like Flight's bag for its wooden ukes. Another option that would be nice for me is a slimbody concert spruce top. Not sure about my logo but...
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    Best Sounding Ukuleles

    That's a good way to look at it!
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    Looking for Richard Marx's "Now and Forever".

    Would really appreciate it if someone could spare me Richard Marx's 'Now and Forever' fingerstyle or chord melody uke tab? Been searching for high and low for this one. Thank you very much in advance:).
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    Post your uke pics here!

    Love this. You’re so talented!
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    Post your uke pics here!

    Gorgeous. I wish I can have a Lanikai someday (it’s outta reach with my current budget). I’d also love to try a Hricane but they don’t have concert size for the travel series.