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    Questions from a Beginner

    I wish libraries in my area had any kind of music,let alone uke. I would have started years earlier than I did.
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    Deciding on a first uke, anybody tried Flight Iris or Juliana?

    I'm a fan of the Flight ukes. I should see if they will make me an artist. Personally I liked the Iris more than the Juliana. Both played nice. So I'm not sure if that is more the liking spruce over Acacia, or whether it was just those two particular instruments. The store didn't have anymore...
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    I keep a spare set of strings in each bag. But the majority, along with tools goes in the maintenance case. (Normal electronics components storage) I used to keep a separate toolbox, but always found I didn't have the right tool when I needed to do maintenance of something when out and about.
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    Uke Pickups - Differences

    Or the Journeytek pickup for around $35. Journeytek at least claims the piezos are German made ceramic type. Mostly I think you are paying more for the quality of the output jack and shielding. And of course how well the pickups are paired with one another.
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    Yaaaaaay I'm so stoked

    Happy Solstice to you.
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    I just discovered that 12-stringed ukuleles exist

    I think if I was going that way I'd get a Hydra style instead. Dual neck, maybe a baritone and a tenor. One a tenor and a concert, with the tenor strung low g.
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    The Raven Colony: Voran's diary

    Which way are you planning on tuning the 8 string? I always imagined it would be like a mandolin tuning, but I've read most aren't tuned that way.
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    Went to get the trash cans in the sleeting snow and there's a ukulele shaped box sitting on my porch frozen to the ground.

    I had packages delivered yesterday when it was raining all-day. No idea how long they were out there but I thought the boxes would crumble Holiday gifts from family. Luckily the uke that was a present was sent to work.
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    For Four Fingers, a new collection to start playing towards the dusty end

    Aw. I'm disappointed that I can't get it in print.
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    Flax, ukes and folk school

    You can buy flax laminate flooring, so maybe someone make a HPL out of it. Anyone?
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    Uke with Zither Pins???

    My wife has a hammer dulcimer. They use zither pins too, and a special tuning wrench/key to tighten. Might be a bit of an annoyance on a uke. But the pins themselves have a bit of a threading on them, so you just treat them like a screw into the body. Note for a zither or a hammered dulcimer...
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    Musical designation memorization?

    It is highly useful. But if you are bad memorizing, just have a cheat sheet to look at to remind you the chords.
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    The "Best" Tuner

    I go with whatever you have available. I lose tuners like guitarists lose picks. A app on the phone is the one I'm most likely to have.
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    Impressions of One on One Lessons

    Great information in the impressions you've given in the sessions. Since you haven't had the chance to give up on Sam yet. My suggestion is that you discuss with her the next sessions be teaching you a regular warmup practice and parts to a daily routine. You may have already been taught...
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    Impressions of One on One Lessons

    The Ukulele Aerobics will probably take you more than the 40 weeks is says to learn everything. But you should definitely find things in there to add to a daily practice routine for years to come.
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    What is your ukulele "batting average"?

    I'm currently had a 9/10 keep rate. I gave one away. Although I currently have 3 electric tenors. The Vorson was the first one I got as a gift. Not sure yet if I'll give it away or do some work on the pickups.
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    Resisting the new uke temptation

    Probably just bring one in to test it against! (Not the other 12+ in your collection. This is me talking to me in the mirror.)
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    Resisting the new uke temptation

    It's either that or you spend a lot of shipping.
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    Surprising find... spares

    I've gone through a lot of different fluorocarbon types to see if I've noticed a difference with strong widths. Mostly a waste of my money, but I have lots of strings for replacements.
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    be the uke

    Thats what you You mean to say they are consistent and even the hoody comes with fake koa? :)