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    Removed Listing

    Hi Dave, where abouts are you? I’m in Montreal, interesting instrument!
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    Closed LoPrinzi Curly Mahogany Soprano

    Ok. Thx. Interesting that it has 14frets to the body. Don’t see that often. Beautiful uke. Good luck.
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    Closed LoPrinzi Curly Mahogany Soprano

    Hi, is this a long neck soprano? Concert scale?
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    TUS/HMS Communication Issue Resolved by Andrew

    I’d take a second look at your video. The sound quality is poor, we hear more of the ambient noise than your playing.
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    Aquila Nylgut Advice

    Thank you. That’s pretty much what I do now. Never liked the idea of using pliers, but it works.
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    Aquila Nylgut Advice

    Hi Guys, I love theses strings! But I have an issue installing them on the slot style bridges on Martin S1 Soprano and Kamaka HF2 Concert. Having a thicker C string, I find it difficult to make the knot small or tight enough to fit in the slot. Would anyone have any tips?
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    Kamaka 100 Anniversary Soprano

    In mint condition and very rare. Bought new from Matt Umanov guitars in NYC. I don’t play it enough to keep it. Includes original hard shell case and new set of Kamaka strings. Asking $900 Canadian and located in Montreal.
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    Koloa KU 620 Concert Solid Mahogany

    $175 shipped conus. Solid Mahogany top, sides, back and neck. Rosewood fretboard and bridge. Beautiful grain and high gloss finish. Strung with D'Addario Nyltech strings.
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    FS Kamaka HF

    FS Kamaka HF2 L For sale is my recently purchased Kamaka HF 2L Concert Lomg Neck with Gotoh UPT tuners. Bought from HMS in October. Sounds great, plays great, looks great! No scratches, dings or dents. Like new and barely played. I prefer a concert scale and am selling this is one to fund a...
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    Wtb kala ubass

    Ready to buy a Kala Ubass. Any model would do. I have a shipping address in both Montreal and New Jersey. Rumblers welcome, though with the new pre amp. Thx!!!
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    12 fret vs 14 fret concerts

    your opinions please....thx all
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    Which should I get? Kalla mahogany lite saprano longneck or lanikai solid mahagony lm

    from elderly? Kala, Lanikai, I've played others from both companies but not these. They...