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  1. rainbow21

    Please, somebody buy this

    What piques my curiosity is that they used a silk finish on the soundboard but gloss on the back and sides. Why not all gloss or all silk?
  2. rainbow21

    Please, somebody buy this

    Three higher end ukuleles just posted... three (?) more to come:
  3. rainbow21

    Why buy other than Martin?

    Slight tangent here, but apparently Life is Good has a Martin Guitar line of tshirts (and with ukuleles!):
  4. rainbow21

    Corey Fujimoto's personal gear

    Corey and Kalei are in their mid 30s.
  5. rainbow21

    Admin Marketplace Topic Discussions

    You are fine. It shows that you have 13 messages.
  6. rainbow21

    LA Ukulele Festival My First

    I will chime in here to add some of my thoughts on the festival. I flew down from the Bay Area and stayed two nights at a nearby hotel (that also housed Peter Luongo and his ensemble). What attracted me to do this was the lineup of performers from Hawaii. I figured it would be one of the rare...
  7. rainbow21

    Cheri (Peter Moon Band)

    Well done on a beautiful song. Like the inlays on the ukulele.
  8. rainbow21

    A new ukulele record? Moore Bettah auction

    Looks like they put the ukulele up for a 24 hour auction with the starting price at $15,425, the last bid before the "typo". There are currently zero bids. 23 1/2 hours remaining.
  9. rainbow21

    A new ukulele record? Moore Bettah auction

    Going to be a mess to sort out then. same happened with the MB but was corrected with some days left
  10. rainbow21

    Festival 2023 Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

    We will think of you as we play the aNueNue ukuleles that Kalei and Corey are bringing.
  11. rainbow21

    What a difference a minute makes

    "Quick on the Click" is becoming a very useful skill that most older folks do not have. A little while ago, I used it to get a boarding pass with Southwest Air for the LA Ukulele Festival. I got 10th after about eight seconds. A few more seconds would have put me back another 20 spots. Two...
  12. rainbow21

    Rebel or KoAloha? Gloss or Matte finish?

    I believe you will be fine with the Rebel. These two are often compared (and they might be made at the same factory!). Some will prefer a Rebel and some an Opio. If someone had one or the other, they are likely very happy with it, as you should/will be. If you have no preference for satin or...
  13. rainbow21

    Oahu Trip 2023 Experiences - UPDATE: with pics!

    Sounds like a great time! Glad you got to check a lot off of your ukulele bucket list. I had the good fortune to have Kalei at TUS when I visited, too. Makes it a memorable stop. I took my daughter there at around four and she loved it. Pool, beach, shave ice, ice cream... repeat every day...
  14. rainbow21

    Flat Fret Board or Radius

    You are threatening this thread with an endless loop...
  15. rainbow21

    Festival 2023 Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

    To all UU members planning to attend this event: There is an UU group that will meet after the first performance of Craig and Sarah (9:30 am). Meetup will be at the nearby (nextdoor?) Japanese Garden at the cultural center and estimated to be around 10:15 to 10:30 am. We can introduce ourselves...
  16. rainbow21

    Platypus cam at San Diego Zoo

    Apparently the zoo has the only two platypus outside of Australia. There is a video camera that you can bring up to spot them (just got my first sighting!):
  17. rainbow21

    Flat Fret Board or Radius

    Here are two threads that have generated many responses. This one includes responses from luthiers as well (and they are divided in their opinions, too)...
  18. rainbow21

    HMS/TUS Song Catalog

    Wow! A lot of work here. Thanks for sharing!
  19. rainbow21

    New Uke Day (NUD) John S. Kinnard concert

    First, Patty, you did good! A Kinnard (especially one paired with a BR!) should be a great ukulele for you to play and love. You are certainly worthy of the ukulele since it was one that your husband helped acquire with love. It is a misconception that players skills determine worthiness for...
  20. rainbow21

    Michelle (the Beatles)

    Enjoyed as always! Almost as good as Paul (he had help from his group)!