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  1. don_b

    Well Worn Boot: Riverbottom Nightmare

    The Well Worn Boot film will premiere October 9 at the Buffalo International Film Festival. You can see a trailer here, about half way down the page:
  2. don_b

    The oldest thing I own

    I have some pairs of underwear that I feel like are 100 years old.
  3. don_b

    What are you listening to?

  4. don_b


    In college, and a bit of the end of high school, I drove a Geely 50CC gas powered scooter. It was a lot of fun.
  5. don_b


    Cool. How are you liking it? I put about 5 miles a day on mine. I don’t really need it to get to work. I have actually been walking to work for over a year… I live so close that I sold my car and now we just use my wife’s car. But I’ve been riding the bike since I got it instead of walking...
  6. don_b


    I have a white Lectric (brand, not a typo haha) XP 3.0 extended range. It was a recent gift from my brother. I ride it to and from work every day. It goes 20 mph with default class 2 settings but can be switched to a higher class 3 (manual shows how to do it, and I’ve done it) to go 30 mph.
  7. don_b

    Gotoh UPT Knockoffs

    I have long been interested in the idea of eliminating the “ears” on my supa wow and replacing them with Gotoh UPT but have balked at the cost. Thanks for the tip!
  8. don_b

    Decided to just say screw it and publish this unfinished album

    Now following Voran on Bandcamp
  9. don_b

    PBS documentary Ohta-San: Virtuosity and Legacy (free to view until Sept 21, 2023)

    guys my wife has agreed to watch this with me Friday night hell yeah Wait this probably means I will need to agree to watch some depressing true crime with her oh no
  10. don_b

    NUD: Sort of

    I actually find your comment more interesting… when I said “high g” I was referring to the normal g found on re-entrant uke…. Is this an even higher G? Very cool!!
  11. don_b

    NUD: Sort of

    I vote use all 6 slots. From top: Low g Low g High g C E A
  12. don_b

    Attention Publix Shoppers!

    Lololol I was trying to convince myself the woman was maybe Taimane lololol
  13. don_b

    New Damn quotation marks

    I feel like I remember this story and there was a line before “run spot run” that went “spot runs fast.”
  14. don_b

    Strings Wound C conundrum

    I’ve used the Thomastik, works great. Joel from HMS recommended it to me.
  15. don_b

    Strap button - Moonbird Soprano

    This ^^*
  16. don_b

    The UU name

    I like to think of it as being a part of the ukulele “in crowd,” the ukulele inner circle, the Ukulelite, as it were. That’s supposed to be like ukulele elite, not ukulele lite.
  17. don_b

    Hard case for Flight Fireball Baritone? Wide-body drama.

    Wide body drama sounds like my summer
  18. don_b

    How to reword a song?

    “I blasted bullets but boy was blowin big mouth”
  19. don_b

    "This Must Be The Place" uke cover by Mark Suszko

    Excellent playing and singing, very good David Byrne replication imo, really enjoyed this Edit: showed wife, she agrees
  20. don_b

    The Setup

    I am one of the lucky people who has always been able to play any uke I ever bought comfortably without a setup, across a range of prices.