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  1. Bassukuguy

    Ukulele Tobacco Enthusiasts

    hey, its been a long time since i have been active on here and i apologize if someone has posted a thread similar to this. I have had the urge to ask, "Ukulele Underground What are you smokin'?" but no seriously, i guess you could say i am very into the tobacco culture and such and i just...
  2. Bassukuguy

    The Acoustic Fresh Prince

    Hey guys, just posted my first Guitar video on the Youtubernetz. a cover i goofed around with for a day or two and this is what i came up with. it even has its own outtakes! do the normal, Rate Comment and subscribe! -peace
  3. Bassukuguy

    The Hero of Canton! *Another Firefly Cover*

    hey guys i just finished my cover of "The Hero of Canton" from the Tv show "Firefly." i just wanted to complete the Firefly ukulele cannon so here we go. Rate, comment, subscribe please! *edit* helps if i post the link...
  4. Bassukuguy

    Two videos in one day!!!? Omgz!

    Hey guys i got bored and didnt have anything to do today. So i have two more ukulele videos for you to check out! the 1st is a re-cover of The ballad of Serenity *theme from the show firefly*. the first time i did this it didnt turn out so well... this one is much better...
  5. Bassukuguy

    Make Your Own Obama Picture

    he just stumbled onto this site that lets you make the tricromatic pictures like Obama's Posters... lets just say i did some messing around with it. the address is Have Fun!
  6. Bassukuguy

    Kala klub!

    For those of us who have ukulele's that you wouldn't feel bad about clubbing someone with! That's right the affordable dependable Kala! hey its better than a Mahalo...
  7. Bassukuguy

    For the Browncoats

    Just goofing around did a cover of the greatest show ever canceled... FIREFLY... this is more of just a rough draft, left my tv on in the background. comment rate do that thing. YOU CANT STOP THE SIGNAL!
  8. Bassukuguy

    Smartest Man On The Internet!

    Seriously this guy has a great idea, and is going to end up making a huge amount of money.
  9. Bassukuguy

    Maybe this goes here (new song)

    Hey folks, I play bass in a band called The Perpetual Escape and guess what? We just recorded our first song! and i wanted all of my UU friends to give us feedback and such. yes, i know this has nothing to do about ukuleles and i doubt we can work one into a song (BUT A MAN CAN ALWAYS TRY!)...
  10. Bassukuguy

    my phirst video! wait what?

    hello fellow Ukerz, since it seems to be the trend i decided to make a video, but i didnt want to do something like 5'2" or something basic so looked it up and found out that no one had done Something Corporate - Hurricane. so here we go... i know my voice kindof sucks but this is why i only...
  11. Bassukuguy

    Whats Your Favorite Webcomic???

    Hey guys, since i have had the internet, i have been looking a different webcomics and i searched and couldn't find a thread about this. So here i am wondering what other comics people read. Currently i read: Ctrl-Alt-Del a great gamer webcomic that can be completely goofy and serious at the...
  12. Bassukuguy

    I got a big brown box from Hawaii?!

    i came home the other day and my front door was propped open, and i found this. in all my excitement i ripped the box open and found this... Well of course i have to open that clamshell, to get to the gooey center more on the next post... Bassukuguy
  13. Bassukuguy

    Something silly i found on Ebay...

    i had no idea anything like this even existed... and here i am stumbling across it on ebay. hah and people say my generation is lazy.
  14. Bassukuguy

    A Hard Decision... Need advice

    hey guys just joined here and guess what i have a little money rattling around in my pocket. first thing is first, im going to be buying a ukulele, and its going to be from MGM because he seems to be the coolest guy around these boards and everyone seems to like him. now, i have fiddled around...