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  1. dave g

    The last of the Waverlystreet banjo ukes

    Hi all, sorry for not having been around here much lately... New hobbies and all that :-). Anyway, 401, 402, and 403 here: ...are probably the last ukuleles (banjo or otherwise) that I'll ever make. It was fun while it lasted, but too much competition...
  2. dave g

    Probably the last four banjo ukes I'm going to make...

    ... are available here: :-)
  3. dave g

    Four new concert banjo ukes ready to go :D
  4. dave g

    My tiny little "sawmill"

    Yes - seems like I read about 600 year old buried elm pipes still in use somewhere or another. The grain isn't straight, but rather takes a woven sort of form which makes it darn near impossible to split. You have to drive the wedge almost all the way through before the halves finally let go of...
  5. dave g

    My tiny little "sawmill"

    I don't know if I've shown you all this thing or not (?). It's a jig for squaring up split chunks of firewood so they can then be resawn in a more conventional manner :-) The bar clamp can be moved in and out on the steel angle rails. You make the first cut, then rotate the piece so the...
  6. dave g

    A blast from the past :-)

    So an update on this! The dulcimer has been languishing untouched in the basement since the above post. Yesterday, at a family get-together, a cousin said she wanted me to make her a dulcimer. Told her I already had one that she and her boyfriend can use together. And he is an elementary school...
  7. dave g

    Banjo ukes!

    I've got six ready to go - two sopranos and four concerts:
  8. dave g

    3 concert banjo ukes ready to ship! :D
  9. dave g

    Six banjo ukes ready to go

    Six identical concerts: :D
  10. dave g

    5 concert banjo ukes ready to go

    In time for Christmas :-)
  11. dave g

    We got banjo ukes

    Five concerts and three sopranos ready to go! :)
  12. dave g

    Four soprano banjo ukes available now! :D
  13. dave g

    What's happening in your shed?

    The "shed" is growing! Finally getting around to building the long-planned 7 1/2' x 12' lean-to addition. All the bicycles, lawn care crap, etc., etc. will go in there, freeing up lots of space in the shop :D
  14. dave g

    Last 4 banjo ukes of 2015 :-)

    All packed up and ready to go, numbers 331 through 334: I'm taking the rest of the year off :-)
  15. dave g

    2x4 challenge

    OK, I'm in :D. Haven't built a proper wooden uke for some time now (in favor of banjo ukes), so I'll be a bit rusty... But my assistant Wayne and I have selected a nice piece of wood, and we'll get started before too long here. It's "SPF" with freakishly wide growth rings, but straight as an...
  16. dave g

    Banjo ukes for sale :-)

    I've got one concert and one soprano (both with walnut necks) available now: Six more will be ready later this week.
  17. dave g

    Four new banjo ukes available

    ... two with the different in-line head stock ;)
  18. dave g

    New banjo uke headstock - opinions?

    The title says it all...
  19. dave g

    Making Necks

    Well wadaya know - I was just now going to post about the very same topic! Chuck, I hope you don't mind my latching onto your thread : Here's what I've done this afternoon: 21 walnut banjo uke neck blanks, cut from a tree across the street. The tree was cut down a couple years ago and chunks...
  20. dave g

    New banjo ukes! ;)