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  1. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    SOTU 605 - Gold In Them Hills

    So fun for me to listen to more Ron Sexsmith music - still mostly new to me - this week! Here’s a song recommended by Sexsmith fan Justin Hawkins of the Darkness…
  2. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    SOTU 604 - Love & Heartbreak

    A strangely tricky (at least for me) Clash song for cynical lovers...
  3. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    SOTU 603: Speed!

    I looked up "speed metal" on wikipedia to figure out a song for this week, and picked a 1982 Accept song that's too tricky for me to play all the way through. Heh. Luckily, my little one helped me out!
  4. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters


    In response to Oliver Anthony's number one song a couple weeks back, Billy Bragg wrote one that works well for this Season...
  5. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    SOTU 601 -- Sealife

    Both mythical and actual sealife frolic about in this lovely Pixies song...
  6. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings

    It's pretty wild that the 1st song on the 1st record that a band I played in - The Feelings - during the mid-90s works for this 600th Season about seasons.,. ...and thank you to every single Seasonista from all 600 Seasons for co-creating this amazing community!!!
  7. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    SOTU 599: THE Week

    The week for the one Joe Strummer "The ..." song I still hadn't learned yet...
  8. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters


    Pretty late Sunday night in Hawaii, though not midnight just yet! In July, I watched the 1998 anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, described by our pals at wikipedia as a series about The massive, terrifying Evas and Angels - along with PenPen the protagonists' penguin roommate - definitely...
  9. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    Season 597- PHOTOSYNTHESIS

    I asked an old friend and community radio DJ for a song-about-plants idea. He didn't even pause before he suggested this charming Beach Boys tune...
  10. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    Season 596: There are more questions than answers

    Just a little question about identity from the Clash...
  11. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    SOTU 595 ~ 100 100 100

    I found a song whose title describes this Season's 100-seconds-or-less requirement perfectly! It's a 1969 single by Booker T. & the M.G.'s. It peaked at number 6 on the Hot 100. The Clash's 1980 version is both more familiar to me and more ukulele-friendly, so that's the one we've got a version...
  12. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    Season 594 - Berries, fruits & Japan

    One great berry song came to mind for me, and it's not the only version here this week... And there are links to three Japanese songs I recorded for previous Seasons at the end of that video - and thank you to my community college Japanese language instructor for teaching me two of them over...
  13. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    SOTU 593 - John, Paul, George and...Bongo??!

    The first idea that leapt to mind for me this week was Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love," on which John Paul Jones plays bass and John Bonham plays bongos. I wasn't able to make time to learn to play it, though. I couldn't even make time to come up with a second song idea. So I improvised...
  14. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    SOTU 592 - Dads and Grads

    If I could play a song at my little one's elementary school end-of-the-year party - or at graduation from the community college where I teach - it'd probably be this Thin Lizzy song... My son and I do listen to this one in the car a lot, so I get to sing it to him often <3
  15. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    Season 591: Ukuleles and other instruments

    A rare appearance from little Salvatore here (and a little bonus Father's Day fun for this daddy)! This song from the Darkness describes my feelings about guitar, ukulele, drums, and every instrument from which I've tried to pull a little music...
  16. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    Season 590: Dolly Appreciation Week

    Dolly Parton's recorded over 900 songs over the course of the past seven decades. Overwhelmed by her incredible body of work, I chose the original song she released most recently - just last month!
  17. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    SOTU 589 - Wedding Bells

    I looked up old hit songs from 1923 and found this gem from Gus Kahn and Isham Jones. The lyrics do mention "When the moon is on the rise, honey I'm so blue." Though I only had enough musical energy this week to learn a short instrumental version...
  18. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    season 588 - an australian selection

    In 1988, my sister and I - both teenagers - went to see Midnight Oil and Yothu Yindi (with opening act John Trudell) play in Salt Lake City, Utah. Midnight Oil played this antiracist song near the end of their set - with members of Yothu Yindi joining in if my memory is good - and it made a...
  19. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    Season 587

    The protagonist of this song from UK's the Darkness isn't sure about what's going on with his heart or his body, though something's gotten started here for sure...
  20. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters

    Season 586: Untitled

    Another hectic week and another one-take-before-bedtime-on-Sunday song for y'all... Pretty sure the title of this folk punk classic refers to La Grande, Oregon. Though songwriters the Dirtface Daredevils don't mention anything specific to life out there in Union County.