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  1. dkcrown

    Hive Hornet Redwood and Birdseye Maple Tenor

    As I said in my MB post, I need to raise some money and am selling my two best ukuleles. Next up is my custom Hive Hornet #16037, that I had Jake build for me to my specs. Redwood top with upgraded, magnificent, Birdseye Maple back and sides. Ebony fingerboard, bridge, head and back plates...
  2. dkcrown

    Moorre Bettah Slothead Tenor

    And a few more
  3. dkcrown

    Moorre Bettah Slothead Tenor

    More pics
  4. dkcrown

    Moorre Bettah Slothead Tenor

    Unfortunately I am in a postion where I need to raise some money, so I have decided to sell my two best ukuleles. The first is my Moore Bettah slothead tenor. Quite frankly, this is my best sounding ukulele. This is one of Chuck's newer builds, with his bigger body and string through bridge. It...
  5. dkcrown


    The uke on the left is my Redwood/Birdseye Maple Hive that I commissioned Jake to build for me. The one on the right is Spruce/Snakewood. I agree that it has a warmer tone when compared to Spruce. But it has a great tone, and plenty of volume.
  6. dkcrown

    Wanted: Ovation Applause Soprano Ukulele Model UA10

    I have one, but I don't think that it is exactly what you are looking for.
  7. dkcrown

    Ukulele Clock

    Like this one?
  8. dkcrown

    Breaking out in Hives

    Well I guess the thread title says it all. But its a good thing! A few months ago on Jake Maclay's Facebook page, I saw a Snakewood and Adirondack Spruce uke that he had just started building. I know that some of you have seen this uke on his page as well. I had become completely enamored with...
  9. dkcrown

    Kamaka HF-3D Deluxe tenor with MiSi

    Time to thin the herd again. I am offering up for sale my Kamaka HF-3D tenor with a MiSi pickup. This is a beautiful koa ukulele with magnificent curl. It has a wonderful tone to it with great sustain. It is strung re-entrant with Savarez Alliance strings. Here is a quick sound sample...
  10. dkcrown

    New Build Thread: Hive Birdeye Maple and Reedwood tenor

    I have never created a build thread before, but I always enjoy following them when other members here start them. So here goes. Back in April I commissioned Jake Maclay of Hive Ukuleles to build me a tenor after I saw some amazing birdseye maple that he had on his Facebook page. I actually had...
  11. dkcrown

    RIP Leon Russell

    It has been a tough week already with the passing of Leonard Cohen. I am so saddened to hear of the death of Leon Russell. If there ever was a more underappreciated talent, then I don't know who it could be. His list of accomplishments are too many to list, as a song writer, recording artist...
  12. dkcrown

    Moore Bettah Slotted Headstock Tenor

    The time has come for me to sell my Moore Bettah tenor. There are things in my life now, some fortunate and some unfortunate, that are more important than this ukulele. This has been my daily player for a long time. To say that it has served me well is an understatement. It is in fantastic...
  13. dkcrown

    Custom Boat Paddle ML tenor

    Up for sale is my custom Boat Paddle ML tenor. Narra back and sides with a Western Red Cedar top. The oversized body contributes to the wonderful, full sound with excellent projection and sustain. It is strung with Savarez strings and a Savarez Cantiga polished wound low G. It is a beautiful...
  14. dkcrown

    Mya Moe Eddie Vedder Myrtle Tenor

    Up for sale is my Mya Moe Eddie Vedder myrtle tenor. The serial # is 617 and was built in 2011. Here are the stats; Striped myrtle body Ivaroid body and sound hole binding Ebony and maple headplate Peghed tuners Oil finish K&K twinspot pickup It has one very small scratch/indentation on the...
  15. dkcrown

    Maui Music tenor with Rosewood Arm Bevel and Cutaway Scoop, LR Baggs 5.0

    OK, time to move another one and raise some more cash. There was a time when I really had too many ukes. Because of that, it was easier to choose which ones to sell. But that time passed over a year ago, so now it is difficult to part with any of these. But here goes. Maui Music tenor built by...
  16. dkcrown

    Custom Painted Fluke tenor

    OK, here is another one that I am putting up for sale to raise some cash, my custom painted Tenor Fluke. Cosmic! Plastic fretboard, upgraded Peghed tuners, Walnut neck. It comes with the padded Fluke gig bag. I will photograph it later with the dated UU picture. $250.00 shipped CONUS Open to...
  17. dkcrown

    Holy Grail Uke. KoAloha Crown Bridge tenor

    Well it is time to raise some cash and that means selling off some fantastic ukuleles. Up for sale is my KoAloha Crown Bridge tenor. It has a one piece koa top and back and was built in 2007. Magnificent condition. It has no scratches, but one small pin head sized pock mark on the soundboard...
  18. dkcrown

    Kamaka HF-3 tenor

    OK gang, time to move another one in my attempt to raise funds. These have all been hard to part with as they are all fine ukuleles. But those who have known me here for awhile know how I feel about this one. 2005 Kamaka HF-3 with factory installed passive pickup. I think it is a Fishman, but...
  19. dkcrown

    John S. Kinnard tenor

    Sold This winter I had been selling off some of my ukes to help pay for my son's college costs. I have sold some beautiful high end ukes, but had issues with finish cracks that developed from shipping during the winter on a wonderful William King long scale tenor. As a result, I vowed to wait...