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  1. casarole45

    Loving my KoAloha DVI

    Hey dudes, just had to say I am now loving my DVI I bought off WhenDogsSing. When I first got it I couldn't quite work out what to do with it and ended up putting it up for sale. Whilst it was up I took it on holiday with me and wow its just what I needed, I totally fell into the instrument...
  2. casarole45

    KoAloha D'VI!!! Butterflies (original uke piece)

    Hey UU'ers, long time no speaky :) I've finally got round to finish writting and uploading a piece on my KoAloha D'VI. I felt like I was playing piano or something, its such a beautiful tone. Enjoy... and remember to click 1080 HD if you have the bandwidth :)
  3. casarole45

    OK... I finally admit it, Makala Dolphins DON'T suck!

    Well I've always snubbed Makala Dolphins, I played a heap in a shop and thought they were terrible. Anyway a while ago I bought one for £10 on ebay. It looked a shocking piece of engineering, the body was wider on one side than the other and the paint job was not much better, but it was...
  4. casarole45

    Close to You (ukulele instrumental with video of newborn chicks) - The Carpenters

    The video was taken when the chicks were an hour or so old, and they were peeking out from under their mum eventually coming out for a proper look and play. The tune is my instrumental take of The Carpenters played on a Kanile'a concert ukulele. Rememeber to watch in HD. All the best. James
  5. casarole45

    (Now Available to US also) KoAloha Longneck Soprano

    This is still at a ridiculously cheap price, ends later today. Come on people! :) (It's nowhere near as complicated as I thought so I've opened this listing up to the US also...all the best) Selling KoAloha Longneck Soprano. Starting price of just £200 so you may get a stonking bargain...
  6. casarole45

    KoAloha Longneck Soprano (UK only)

    NOW AVAIBLABLE IN US, NEW THREAD MADE MODS YOU CAN DELETE THIS ORIGINAL THREAD IF YOU WANT. THANKS Selling KoAloha Longneck Soprano. Starting price of just £200 so you may get a stonking bargain! Ebay link...
  7. casarole45

    Wtb - ohana ck-50g or ck-50gs

    pm me if you are thinking of selling one of the above ukes. Come on you know you need to start building a fund for another uke ;) All the best James
  8. casarole45

    KoAloha D-VI for buyers in the UK only

    *Just a bump reminder and have inserted some photo's Hi, recently bought but decided I actually don't have that kind of money :D Mint/as new condition, date stamped Sept 2010. now up on ebay: item number: 260749431236...
  9. casarole45

    Opinion on Cutaway Ukuleles?

    Like any uke it depends on the individual one. Most cutaways I hate, but this one which I own by Ohana looks the bees knees, and loses something when it doesn't have the cutaway... The flamming on the one I got is insane (these are just stock photo's). What I'm really waiting for though is...
  10. casarole45

    Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing (with little ocean video)

    Hey, I've only just realised there was a guitar vid section here, sooo... I uploaded it a while ago but heres my and a friends interpritation of little wing, with some nice ocean background for the eyes. Keep it blues'y & enjoy :D
  11. casarole45

    "What a Wonderful World (instrumental)" + video tutorial for those who want it.

    "What a Wonderful World (instrumental)" + video tutorial for those who want it. What a Wonderful World: Video Tutorial can be found here: Tab can be found here...
  12. casarole45

    What do you use for fingerpicking (nails/flesh/fingerpicks)

    Hey people, I don't think I've seen this poll done yet, but I'm really interested to see what people are using when they finger pick so the more input the better, be it; A) Fingernails B) Using the flesh (pads of the fingers) C) Finger picks I've never grown my nails so I've not had much...
  13. casarole45

    Promoting youtube videos anyone use it?

    More curiosity than anything, does anyone use promote videos in youtube (where they promote your vid and everytime someone clicks on it from that link you pay youtube). Has anyone found it's any use for trying to put music out there?
  14. casarole45

    Cornish Cobwebs (Original), with scenic shots from a local beach

    Original piece with various video footage of a local Cornish beach (taken 1st Feb 2011). By a fluke of Videography a tear drips from the soundhole of my ukulele at the end of the vid. Called Cornish Cobwebs for 2 reasons; because of the intricate paterns the water creates which I've tried to...
  15. casarole45

    What bass do you play?

    Got a... Ibanez SR700 It's beutifully crafted with really nice looking woods, the weight is nice and the neck is quite thin so well suited to people who have a smaller reach. And the sound is amazing with 2 pickups and active eq. I actually choose it over a American Fender P-bass duluxe I...
  16. casarole45

    Blue Roses Falling (Jake Shimabukuro cover) [HD]

    Hey all, hope it sounds nice, I've thrown in some photo's of around where I live in Cornwall to space the vid out. Be sure to up the quality to HD in the bottom right corner of the player.
  17. casarole45

    Ohana CK-75CG Limited Edition (UK BUYERS ONLY) Beautiful uke with solid flamed maple

    Hi all, very unsure about this as its such a beautiful uke... but. Ohana CK-75CG Limited Edition Uke + new set of Aquilas (packaged) Very clean sound, loud ukulele, intonation is great (best out of all my ukes). Very good condition and well looked after bar one tiny ding near fingerboard...
  18. casarole45

    Someone just won a nice looking Kamaka Ohta-San Outbid =[ but hopefully someone has got an awesome Ohta San on the way for £235. From the one photo the good guys at Kamaka dated it 1975 to 2001. Love that shape, its just made me realise I'll have to...
  19. casarole45

    Godfather theme tutorial uploaded

    Reaching out incase anyone is interested ;) I've just uploaded a tutorial for my rendition of the Godfather theme... it's my first tutorial so any feedback would be appreciated, hopefully the ramblings of my brain came across. The tab for this video can be found here...
  20. casarole45

    2 finger tremolo (original piece on Kanile'a K1)

    Hey all, something I've written to practice the old 2 finger trem. (Uploaded in 1080p so don't forget to up the quality) Take care y'all