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  1. tori8984

    NIIHAU, is anyone bothered by it.

    [SIZE=4]S So does it bother anyone that a rich white family owns an island and keeps people living as if it was 1864.
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    Uke festival Omaha Nebraska 9-25-2011
  3. tori8984

    Ukulele Hoopla in Omaha Nebraska "festival

    Here are Latest details
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    UU Game

    Go to your profile page, and down to the bottom, there is a box on the left side with user names who have visited your page. Pick a name and click it. Go and look to see if they have had any visits. If there is a name other than your own click it if not you are OUT! The goal is to get the number...
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    Ukulele, guitar,and bass jams

    Mark "Spanky" Gutierrez finger picking with friends.
  6. tori8984

    Mark Gutierrez finger picking CD

    I discovered that Mark lives in my area and want to give his CD a shout out
  7. tori8984

    In yo Mama's kitchen

    I discovered that Mark "Spanky" Gutierrez lives in my area
  8. tori8984

    Omaha Uke Fest... Sept 25th 2011

    Here is an event coming up. In Omaha Nebraska.
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    Facebook friend in trouble?

    Keiko Masuda is a japanese pop singer, she was half of PINK LADY back in the late 1970s. She pplays Castle Age on facebook and sometimes I help her. 5 hours ago she posted some pictures on her wall where she had cut her arm. So anybody have any contacts in Tokyo?
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    Larry D "I'll follow the Sun"

    Check this guy
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    So am I the only one who has seen americas best dance crew? There is a crew from Hawaii and a crew that has some large Samoans who can really move! I thought the west coast folkses would be a little enthusiastic about it. I was sure my generation was the one with the death grip on apathy.
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    Post a picture of yourself!

    Me next to the Udder delite sign, near Megans Bay St. Thomas
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    New Job

    So I get an email from Qwest. They looked over my resume and are going to set me up for pre-employment testing. I worked for Bellsouth in Florida for seven years, so I have a good feeling that things will go well. Wish me luck. Thanks.
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    Naquele Elevador

    I stumbled across this
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    Felt Picks

    My Dad has a baritone ukulele and a felt pick. He said that when he was a kid (in the 40's) that lots of people used a felt pick to strum with. The sound it makes is like brushing the side of your pinky across the strings. I read in a forum somewhere that felt picks are still made but are...
  16. tori8984

    B flat chord

    I have trouble fingering B flat. Right now I just mute the A string. Could someone HABU?