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  1. MattLindahl

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    Tent trial run. I am bringing the two pictured hammocks, and material for +/- 10 more. one love
  2. MattLindahl

    Happy Thanksgiving !

    Made this with my sister and all the family last year. I miss her. Hope you all have a safe and Happy T Day!
  3. MattLindahl

    Prison Pictures?

    So, what's the deal? What did I miss out on?
  4. MattLindahl

    Karma Police Radiohead Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

    My sister Laura came into town and we made this video a few days before she left for Austria. We have a large family and getting them involved was a super bonus as well.
  5. MattLindahl

    Nashville Ukulele Society

    Just had an absolute blast meeting up with the Nashville folks. That was, by far, the best time I had playing ukulele. After many years of playing alone, or with another uke, it was a huge pleasure to play with a big handful of folks. I encourage everyone who has not attended a gathering of...
  6. MattLindahl

    The Finn from Mim

    I'm hoping it will be at the doorstep tomorrow, or the next day. I'm beyond excited and can't wait to give ya'll the unboxing and some sound samples. :drool: Update SOON!
  7. MattLindahl

    Video Editing

    I was wondering for those who post videos, how do you accomplish multiple tracks? I'm on a Mac and tried it with Garage Band playing while the camera was rolling with mixed results. Anyone?:shaka: