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  1. caukulele

    Soft Fingers, New Uke

    Welcome to the forum. Playing the ukulele together is a wonderful family activity and so much fun! This is a friendly forum and a great place to learn and share. Glad you are with us!
  2. caukulele

    Cheri (Peter Moon Band)

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing your make it look to easy!
  3. caukulele

    Hi uke friends:)

    Welcome to the forum. I look forward to hearing your songs.
  4. caukulele

    Tenor Uke in Maryland

    Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to share and learn. Lot's of nice people here.
  5. caukulele


    What a beautiful sounding instrument. Bell like, with depth and resonance.
  6. caukulele

    LA Ukulele Festival My First

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. I felt like I was there with you. What a wonderful ukulele community we have!
  7. caukulele

    John Prine song contest

    I am surprised that no one has done 'Summer's End' because out of all John Prine's songs, Summer's End is the song that has touched me the most. I still remember the first time I heard it, it made me cry.... So, this is my cover, playing my Baritone Ukulele. Thank you John Prine for writing so...
  8. caukulele

    Ukulele duett "Misty" (Erroll Garner)

    This was simply wonderful! What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. Thank you for sharing your talents.
  9. caukulele

    For Sale Hand Painted Pono Mahogany Concert Ukulele (Ukulele One, Blue Pono)

    Here is a short sound sample for this hand painted Pono concert.
  10. caukulele

    For Sale Hand Painted Pono Mahogany Concert Ukulele (Ukulele Two, Yellow Pono)

    Here is a sound sample of this beautiful uke, as requested.
  11. caukulele

    SOTU 605 - Gold In Them Hills

    Thanks Joo for a great season this week. I learned so much about Ron Sexsmith and a whole world of songs that I never heard before and now want to learn. I found Ron sang this cover song 'Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye' and he said that "this was a song I wish I had written." I have always...
  12. caukulele

    Oahu Trip 2023 Experiences - UPDATE: with pics!

    Thanks for sharing your trip. I have never been to Hawaii, but it is my dream to go someday, and visit all the ukulele shops.....
  13. caukulele

    New Uke Day (NUD) John S. Kinnard concert

    Beautiful uke Patty, with a simple elegance, it almost glows.
  14. caukulele

    SOTU 604 - Love & Heartbreak

    My husband, Ray, and I tried one more song for the seasons this week, 'Let It Be Me'. Every time we do a song together, I learn so much and it is a real challenge. I would like to try this song again, at a later date, with a better lead rhythm, which I realized was almost completely lacking in...
  15. caukulele

    Hello! Donna from UKE Republic here.

    Great to have you with us. How wonderful to be all together in the Uke Universe!
  16. caukulele

    SOTU 604 - Love & Heartbreak

    What a great theme this week. There are so many wonderful songs to choose from. I tried the Billy Joel song, 'Just the Way You Are', with my "new to me" Baritone. Please forgive the bad audio this time, (and a few chord mishaps, as I learn the Baritone)... you will also hear a plane overhead...
  17. caukulele

    Sign up for future Seasons IV

    I will gather my courage and try hosting 608. :)
  18. caukulele


    Thank you so much Val! You made my husband, Ray, very happy too.
  19. caukulele

    A recent convert

    Welcome to the forum. I am also a guitar and uke player...I understand what you are saying because I find that they both inspire me in different ways and increase my creativity. I am simply enjoying the journey! Great to have you here with us. This is a friendly forum and a wonderful place to...
  20. caukulele


    Thanks for this list. Always good to see the possibilities and new sites.