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    Ukulele magazine

    i just got a Ukulele magazine. it's nice to see an American publication just for ukes instead of looking in the back of guitar mags for pictures of ukes i've never heard of.
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    Stew-Mac uke

    has anyone built one of these? they look appealing to me as a starter kit. i know it's probably pretty basic for some of you but i've never tried to build an instrument.
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    New Ibanez uke

    sweetwater is showing a new Ibanez uke that intrest me and i was wondering if anyone here has any experience with Ibanez ukes. i have an Ibanez guitar and although it's inexpensive and made in china it still sounds pretty good. this new uke is $800 and is made in japan. Ibanez made in japan...
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    Ibanez uke

    sweetwater has an Ibanez uke (was 1200 now 800) all solid wood, great looking and made in japan. i know their chinese stuff is decent but not great but the japan stuff is real nice. it's a new offering and i was wondering if anyone has any experience with an ibanez uke.
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    new player from memephis

    just checking to see if this photo came up RRRRRR yes it did
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    new player from memephis

    just getting started, got a Kala as-asac-t, really a beautiful uke. i been learning the guitar and wanted to try something else for a change. now i'm hooked, the uke is so much nicer to sit with and strum. i went to guitar center for one of those free uke lessons, surprised to see about 10...