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  1. Spicysteve

    New Uke Day (NUD) Unplanned impulse NTMUD / NUD - Kala GATU thinbody

    Beautiful Acacia!! Nice find. 😀
  2. Spicysteve

    Poll - How old are we?

    56 here. My did the years go by quickly. Cheers, Steve.
  3. Spicysteve

    Gotoh UPT Knockoffs

    The knockoffs have more of a”post” that needs a small shallow drilled hole. You cannot pull them into place like the Gotoh’s.
  4. Spicysteve

    Hello! Donna from UKE Republic here.

    Welcome Donna, from the great Pacific Northwest. 😀
  5. Spicysteve

    Strings Strings for Ohana TK 70W

    Worth Browns or Hannabach MHT’s. Both are top notch strings.
  6. Spicysteve

    Craig and Sarah - Food Bank Concert

    Excuse my French…… Hell yes. Thank you to all of UU for the Maui relief. We are a great bunch of people. I am honored to know and love you all. What a fabulous coming together of the ukulele community for Maui.
  7. Spicysteve

    Craig and Sarah - Food Bank Concert

    Hit 21K So far!!! Awesome!!!
  8. Spicysteve

    Strings Wound C conundrum

    +1 on the Thomastik CF27.
  9. Spicysteve

    For Sale New "Chunky Pineapple" tenor ukulele from Dave's Extravagant Ukuleles.

    Possible to get more specifics? Nut width, nut and saddle material and tuning machine brand/type. Much appreciated, Steve.
  10. Spicysteve

    Jimmy Buffett, RIP

    Wonderful, happy music from an upbeat, talented musician. RIP Jimmy. 🦜
  11. Spicysteve

    Strings Free Hannabach Low G string with order of string set

    Just installed the Hannabach wound Low G on a bamboo tenor. I feel that bamboo is relatively bright, this was just what it needed. Considerably warmer sounding, and not a loud annoying squeak when moving around on the fretboard. Zero complaints. :) Thank you again SBM. Edit.... Have to order...
  12. Spicysteve

    Need strap suggestions

    Strap Jack Guitar Strap Lock System For Acoustic - Electric Guitars (2 Pack) I have been using these when I do not have a cable plugged into the jack.
  13. Spicysteve

    How much Uke "stuff"?

    OMG. I don’t want to even begin to total it all up…. Straps, hoards of extra parts, gig bags and hard cases, strap pins, strings, amplifiers, instrument cables….. on and on. Parts/accessories acquisition syndrome is just as bad as UAS. But by gosh it makes me happy. Not as happy as playing...
  14. Spicysteve

    Treatment for...fretboard?

    +1 on Music Nomad F-1
  15. Spicysteve

    Unboxing- A New Tenor Ukulele

    Can’t wait to hear it Vic. As always, enjoy seeing your videos. Cheers, Steve.
  16. Spicysteve

    Playing Pain-free

    I modified strum and comfort pick by removing the hard pick and gluing in place a Wedgie rubber pick. Works so, so well.
  17. Spicysteve

    Playing Pain-free

    So appreciate you sharing. I have past injuries on 3 fretting fingers (45 years ago) and at 56 the arthritis is beginning to hamper my playing a bit. Not a huge amount but my sessions are not as long as they used to be. I found the exercises extremely helpful. 😀
  18. Spicysteve

    Strings Free Hannabach Low G string with order of string set

    I was needing some strings anyway. Why not give the Hannabach low G a try for free. Due to arrive on Monday. 😀 Thanks SBM.
  19. Spicysteve

    Strings Worth Browns for a Concert.

    ancient and manOa, Thank you both for your replies. I ordered a set of BE46's from SBM late this morning. Excited to try them. Thanks again, Steve.
  20. Spicysteve

    What Goes Here?

    Excited to hear it and hear your thoughts on it.