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  1. Ukecaster

    Outdoor ukes - weren't the colors part of the fun?

    Just an FYI, there's an Outdoor tenor for sale right now in the UU Marketplace for a decent price. It is the clear color called Moonshine.
  2. Ukecaster

    Yeah, But How Does It Sound?

    Ok, I'll bite...looks very seedy to me :)
  3. Ukecaster

    Today's Chuckle

  4. Ukecaster

    What the heck?

    Check out the tuners on this old Martin soprano. The buttons look like 40s/50s Keystones, but what the heck is going on with the tuner posts and additional hardware up there? Yikes...
  5. Ukecaster

    Have you seen this ukulele?

    Never heard of that brand, but looks like a soprano with tenor neck. Found the link for the soprano below on UU. Everyone wants to be a K-brand! :)
  6. Ukecaster

    Thumb behind vs over the neck

    I like this vid by Wilfried Welti, and notice that his thumb moves all around, from fully behind neck, to partially and fully visible above the neck.
  7. Ukecaster

    Early Kamaka Friction Tuners

    Never used those, but always thought they must be heavy, with those large screws. Anyone have a set to weigh for comparison?
  8. Ukecaster

    Tail strumming

    Doggez got riddem' mon!
  9. Ukecaster

    Holiday insanity

    We got our first Christmas card in the mail just 4 days after Halloween, from a distant relative. My wife was not happy, just WAY too early. Do these people have nothing better to do? Apparently not.
  10. Ukecaster

    Show us your couch uke

    That's Flea country!
  11. Ukecaster

    In your opinion what will be the Stradivarius of ukuleles? this one
  12. Ukecaster

    Low G on a Soprano?

    Gorgeous playing, but the length of the thumbnail blows me away. I can't imagine walkin' around with that 24x7.
  13. Ukecaster

    Today's Chuckle

  14. Ukecaster

    Can you play only on the fretboard?

    I think she was pulling your leg.....and it came off! 😀
  15. Ukecaster


    Kiwaya KFC strings...fry 'em, play 'em, eat 'em! :)
  16. Ukecaster

    Today's Chuckle

    Man's best friend...
  17. Ukecaster

    Today's Chuckle

    This is SO true! Also, if I'm at home, awaiting my wife's return, I always know that all I need to do is starting some junk food, and she's GUARANTEED to walk right in! 😀
  18. Ukecaster

    Please, somebody buy this

    Martin has been doing it for years on their tenor ukes..thin 34mm nut width, with 29+ string spacing.
  19. Ukecaster

    Loprinzi Owners Club

    Wow...quite a sound!
  20. Ukecaster

    Today's Chuckle

    Cute little puppy gets mad at his own hiccups!
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