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    That is interesting. I've been watching Comedians in Cars drinking Coffee, the Seinfeld thing... and was a bit shocked to see so much mokka pot/cafetiere type coffee there is in the USA; I wondered if Europe has become the coffee fusspot base. But I'd agree. Forgetting about the grains getting...
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    How many chords are adequate?

    What was the song, John? Lovely story.
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    Comparing Sopranos--Bruko vs Mainland

    buy the one you can get secondhand or the best deal on...
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    Strumming with index finger…..

    I find it very useful - both sides, plus thumb. And if you wear the nail - and then finger - down to a stub, there is always another finger behind it.
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    Gotoh UPT Knockoffs so these then?
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    Nail Biting Time

    hmm... anyone thought about manufacturing a great wallpaper roll pattern?
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    The "Best" Tuner

    seriously? 10 tuners? As little ukulele players, shouldn't we be setting the standard for reducing conspicuous consumption? Couldn't you just move one along to another headstock?
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    Post one song that you think others should listen to, ukulele or not!

    I read that his backing band The Enchanted Forest used to tune up his ukulele before gigs (note - plays lefthanded) only for him to immediately fiddle and re-tune (sic) as it was before!
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    Post one song that you think others should listen to, ukulele or not!

    I'm just working out the chords for this, from his first album. Only few months after the first climate crisis reports in 1967. I wonder how the kids are now?
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    Banjo Uke Questions

    I just use a slightly sub-soprano length one (converted from mandolin banjo) to play louder when others have amp systems in a group... and I feel hard done by.
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    Banjolele 'Ringing' Note

    I'm having E string vibration on a 1920s banjolele presently. Annoying, as it wasn't there and now it is.
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    Strings Hannabach strings

    Are the Hannabach definitely Nylon? With Carbon in their title and looking at those string diameters, I presumed they WERE fluorocarbon?
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    Elvis and a Martin?

    those shorts look a bit tight. Perhaps a Tiny Tim high octave rendition of Tiptoe? Or are the dates wrong?
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    Uke Jam/Club Stratford-Upon-Avon camping weekend (West Midlands UK)

    bump for Brits. I wonder how many UK people populate (well, furtively sneak around) the Underground. I'm sure it used to have a UK section at one time?
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    Bruko ukuleles

    I presume you have found their direct website...?
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    Are these flaws normal? Kiwaya KCU-1

    does it play any better than the old one?
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    Banjolele under 300€ in Europe?

    really think about what you want it for. Anything with a proper big resonator is going to be obnoxious unless you are with BU people - or alone doing BU things. The ones in a simple wooden case back that are only 7-8" across (vellum perhaps 5-6") are loud enough in company when you need, but you...
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    Banjolele under 300€ in Europe?

    put an advert on your local network and see what comes out of peoples' attics? Getting a BU working is quite fun. And its practically impossible NOT to be able to get sound of one however bad...
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    Banjolele under 300€ in Europe?

    why is an old one risky? Mine was 15 quid - a Windsor mandolin banjo and I turned it to 4 strings, removing the metal ones, and its now my go to instrument for playing with people. Largely as it can compete with ukulele players with little speakers... It will quickly teach you to fettle, and its...
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    Ratio tuner size

    But that's what we pay - the manufacturers are going to pay half that. What is this new fashion though, for "non-ear" type tuners now, on larger instruments? Is it the trying-to-make tenors-and-concerts more traditionally ukulele-like? I can't see the real advantage of planetarys on instruments...
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