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    sotu 607 - wishin' and hopin' / if wishes were willows

    Thorton rule!!! It is October and that means it's Halloween and that means that Halloween themed songs go here. Just sayin. Trick or treat!!!
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    Warren Zevon mashed up with Three Dog Night... Ah ooooh!
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    Season 594 - Berries, fruits & Japan

    "Occasional corn from my oversite grew"
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    Season 583 - Hit Me… Again!

    The rhythm pattern is from a Casio keyboard setting number 2.
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    season 582 - from the kitchen

    A song about a guy named Del who is really good at creating electronic music.
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    Season 580 "69 & 70"

    This is for the free lunch option. I have been working on it for a while. It has to do with the late 1950's and early 60's. If our host is indeed as old as he claims to be, then he will relate to this. Lyrics are in the YouTube description.
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    SOTU 579 That's Crackers!

    My Mom used to make graham cracker chocolate sandwich cookies. She didn't call them that. She just called them graham cracker cookies. They were always a summertime treat because they did not require heating up the oven. I'm not sure exactly what recipe she used for the frosting, but I know she...
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    Season 577 - Jingles!

    Anheuser- Busch St. Louis, Missouri
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    Season 577 - Jingles!

    Written by Ylle (kolibri uker). There is a link to her original version in the youtube description. The lyrics are in the description section of her video. I had to speed it up and abbreviate the third verse to keep it under one minute.
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