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    Instant Pot!

    One of our favorites for our Instant Pot is beef stroganoff. Turns out great!
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    got Hawaiian shirts?

    I have a few of them.
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    New Digital 8 Track Recorder Day

    Well, my new Tascam DP-008 8 track digital recorder arrived this morning, along with a 32GB SDHC card, AC adapter, and a case I found that looks like it was made for it. :D Been busy learning the ins and outs of this amazing thing. What an improvement over the old Fostex 4 track cassette...
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    Ordered an 8 track digital recorder

    I have been wanting an 8 track digital recorder for a long time. Finally saw this price and couldn't resist. A Tascam DP-008. Also ordered a 32 GB SDHC card for it. Since my desktop computer died a couple months ago I...
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    Second Uke coming for second player! (wife)

    Years ago my wife wanted me to teach her to play guitar so I bought her a nice 3/4 sized acoustic. She was busy with other things at the time and between that and getting sore fingers from the steel strings, she never did learn to play. She has mentioned it again recently, but we never followed...
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    New (First) Uke Day!

    Well, I just received my first uke! :D It is a Lanikai LU-21C. I bought it from Amazon on Wednesday and it arrived just a bit ago. (very quick delivery for free). Arrived in perfect condition and was well packed. First impression is: I love the way it looks and the matte finish. I have spent...
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    New member from Indiana

    Just wanted to say hello and give a short intro. I am 65 and have been retired for 5 years. I began playing guitar in 1957 and since then have played a variety of stringed instruments. I have played nearly all types of music. I played in R&R bands through HS and for a while after. Played in...
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