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  1. Tudorp

    Remember the Aphid?

    The shadows is a much safer place in today's internet brother.. ;) Good to see you are still around.
  2. Tudorp

    Remember the Aphid?

    Thanks Jon, Good to hear from you and see you still around.
  3. Tudorp

    Remember the Aphid?

    Hey guys. For some of you that have been around a long time, may, or may not remember me making these mini Ukes I dubbed "The Aphid". 6-1/2" scale (overall length 10"). Some of you may have gotten one of these back then. I had to give up on making them for health reasons, and haven't made one in...
  4. Tudorp

    Stopping by to say "Hi" to some old friends.

    I haven't been around in a long time, but was thinking of some of the friends I had made here years ago. Wonder if any of them are still around. Hope all is well.
  5. Tudorp

    Any of the old crew still here? I see a lot of names I do not recognize.

    Been a long time since I posted. Any of the guys/gals here from years ago?
  6. Tudorp

    Hello from Texas

    Hey guys. It's been a long time since I have posted. I was just thinking about years ago, and wondered if any of the old crew was still here. I just wanted to stop in and say "Hi" to my old friends here.
  7. Tudorp

    Why no sustain

    I wish I knew the science of it myself. I have my favorite solid mahogany concert scale uke which was made by Bruce Wei. Had it for years, and love the sustain it has. It has more sustain than any uke I have ever played. I think it is mainly the luck of the draw really. It is usually in the...
  8. Tudorp

    Uke body types

    Found some old pictures of the heater I made to bend sides. Had very little money in it. Just made with scrap stuff I had laying around. Took the guts out of a heat gun, and put them in the big pipe (blower and heating element), ran power through the old sewing machine foot switch. Step on it...
  9. Tudorp

    Is Rick Turner still around the forum?

    I was wondering if Rick was still around? Being a hobbyist making Ukes several years ago, Rick was kinda rough on me, but, him being a re-known professional, I understood and respected why. Even though, I learned a lot from him conversing with him, and his posts and wondered if he was still...
  10. Tudorp


    Just stopping by to say hey to my old friends here. I lurk several times a week, but haven't posted in a long time, so thought I would say "Hey"...
  11. Tudorp

    Bruce Wie uke impressions

    I meant to show a picture of my Bruce Wei Concert. I let him build it with just a few specs from me. I wanted it all Mahogany, and more understated than much of his work. He did some abalone inlay on the fret board, but not as much as he usually does, and it is tasteful so I let him do that. The...
  12. Tudorp

    Hello from the past

    Tudorp (Tony) here. Just thought I would stop in and say "Hey". Been awhile since I posted. Seems like a lot of new "faces" around here. I have been stopping by and lurking for awhile though. I am good. We sold our place in Michigan and moved back to Texas several months ago. Bought some...
  13. Tudorp

    Tiny Tangi Ukulele

    Yes, I remember. I think I am going to work on finishing those two when I get back from my Texas trip. I wanted to do that maple one, which I would probably keep. But the Mahogany one, I may finish it to sell. The one I posted the picture on on the previous page was my very first one. If I sold...
  14. Tudorp

    Aquila Tenor strings. Sealed

    <SOLD> I have 4 factory sealed packages for a Tenor. I don't even own a Tenor anymore and will never use these. $20 shipped to the USA for all 4 sets.
  15. Tudorp

    Tiny Tangi Ukulele

    Man. making me go through my old Aphid project box is inspiring me to play with these again.. lol.. Found a couple that was in work when I had my stroke. That is when I stopped making them, and never got back to them. Here is an all maple one (the only full maple one I did/doing), and another...
  16. Tudorp

    Ok, ok.. I cried.. ;)

    My daughter does this to me a lot (make me tear up) ;) I just wanted to share this, even though it's not really "uke" related. Those that know me from years ago on here, my daughter has grown up with my music, and the torch was passed a few years ago. She has played guitar for many years now...
  17. Tudorp

    Your favorite personal uke story....

    cant find a picture yet of when it was done, but this is while I was making it. At least you can get the jest of it.
  18. Tudorp

    Uke'n Be Mine..

    Happy Valentine's Day ya'll.. Saw this vintage card and thought it was cool.
  19. Tudorp

    Tenor Acacia

    Solid Acacia top, sides and back. Maple neck, rosewood fretboard and bridge. Bone nut and saddle. Nice tasteful inlay. This is one of Bruce Wei ukes that he used to build to my specs, and set up in my shop relabled as my own "Dük" label. I had to close my shop years ago due to health reasons...
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