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  1. Tiger Camo

    NUD: Cocobolo Baritone

    This thread is what pushed me over the edge to purchase one of the recent super tenors, and the dang thing is just so, so, so good. Tuned Bb. Currently strung with Aquila Red wound low G and Nyltechs (highly recommended), but it'll definitely get a set of Thomastik CF-30/27 down the road.
  2. Tiger Camo

    Yet another build started, .... a de Houtwinkel baritone

    My personal opinion, of course, but I've been following his Instagram for a while and the de Houtwinkel ukes are best-looking ukes I've ever seen. The wood sets he gets are next level and the builds are so friggin' clean. +1 looking forward to your NUD. Congrats!
  3. Tiger Camo

    Low G...differences between Freemont Soloist/LaBella 908 & Thomastik-Infeld CF30

    My experience with these strings is that the TI CF-30 is less "boomy"and more balanced than the LaBella. I use the CF-30 and CF-27 on my tenor and have been impressed with the pair's ability to blend well with many treble string sets.
  4. Tiger Camo

    If you could only have one.....and only one....what would it be?

    My Kala Elite Myrtle tenor is just so damn good.
  5. Tiger Camo

    The Cocobolo Ukuleles Owners Thread

    Yes, my super tenor has an adjustable metal truss rod in the neck.
  6. Tiger Camo

    The Cocobolo Ukuleles Owners Thread

    Feels like a dedicated Cocobolo Ukuleles thread is overdue. I suspect, now that TUS will be carrying a few, they will see a surge in popularity and questions. The unique sound and scale lengths of these beauties lends to experimentation with strings, tunings, etc. And, of course, the sound...
  7. Tiger Camo

    Please, somebody buy this

    I have one of the 18.5" scale super tenors from the recent batch. Tuned Bb with Nyltechs; it is phenomenal.
  8. Tiger Camo

    Kala elite super tenor question.

    I'm obviously a massive fan of the myrtle, but I'm sure you can't go wrong with either. Let us know where you land. Good luck with the hunt.
  9. Tiger Camo

    Kala elite super tenor question.

    I have both a Kala Elite Myrtle tenor and a Cocobolo Super Tenor and can echo some of the sentiments expressed above. My Kala Elite is the best tenor I've had the good fortune to lay hands on and the one by which all other ukes are judged, chosen from an impressive selection of ukes, including...
  10. Tiger Camo

    For Trade Trade me your Nylgut/Nyltech/Lavas for my ...

    Updated to include Aquila New Nylgut, SuperNylgut and/or D'Addario Nyltech.
  11. Tiger Camo

    Strings Dates of modern ukulele strings after nylon?

    I play Aquilas because they give me the sound I'm looking for on my ukes, but having @mimmo on these boards makes me love them even more.
  12. Tiger Camo

    Sold BIG Price Drop - Cocobolo Ukuleles Long Neck Concert

    This has to be the best deal on the marketplace by a wiiiiiiddddee margin. These Cocobolo are absolutely flawlessly constructed and not only have an incredible sound, but ... and I struggle to describe this ... but I'd say multiple voices that can be quite easily pulled out of them. The most...
  13. Tiger Camo

    For Trade Trade me your Nylgut/Nyltech/Lavas for my ...

    Thanks for the offer @Uke man, but I am tenor-only and, as much I love Aquila, the Sugars just didn't do it for me. But hopefully someone else will see this and hit you up. I feel like we probably all have a bunch of random stuff, sitting in cigar boxes (everyone keeps their extra strings in...
  14. Tiger Camo

    Sold Kala All Solid Cedar Top Pau Ferro Tenor Ukulele (KA-ASCP-T) - photos added

    Limbo price drop: this is as low as she goes.
  15. Tiger Camo

    For Trade Trade me your Nylgut/Nyltech/Lavas for my ...

    Looking to trade for (tenor) Aquila SuperNylgut, Lavas or D'Addario Nyltech ... either high G or low G is good. I've got: Single Low G Strings: Uke Logic Polished Gold Alloy Smooth Wound Low G 0.030 Uke Logic Unwound Hard Low G (Sandia) .042 Fremont Unwound Clear Soprano-Concert-Tenor Low G...
  16. Tiger Camo

    Your favourite Ukulele artist(s) ?

    Lyle Ritz and Ohta-san
  17. Tiger Camo

    Strings Piecing together your own string set

    This is my current set-up on my Kala Elite Myrtle tenor. I just swapped the trebles from super nylgut to reds. Super duper splitting hairs here, but I think I might like the feel (tactility and tension) of the reds a touch better ... I definitely prefer the sound of the Red E string, though the...
  18. Tiger Camo

    Sold On to its new home! KOALOHA KOA SLIMLINE TENOR W/ LR BAGGS (KTMS-00, #17388)

    That's some realiy gorgeous koa. Love those stripes!
  19. Tiger Camo

    What are you listening to?

    A lot of Bossa Nova; a lot of Grant Green, lately. Pretty steady diet of both. So tasty.
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