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  1. ukuleleeh

    Wanted Tenor Hardshell Case

    Check out TUS or Mim. Both have hardshell cases for sale and shipping is reasonable.
  2. ukuleleeh

    Ooooooooooooooh 🥺🥺

    Stunning...but I'd want a sound sample before putting my money on the table. But my guess is $6,000 USD
  3. ukuleleeh

    Is tone affected by the type of wood used for the fretboard/neck?

    I know the type of wood used for top, back, and sides affects the tonality of an instrument. What about the type of wood used for the neck, or even the fretboard? I'm aware different manufacturers will use different species of wood for these parts of an ukulele, but if I were to have let's say a...
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    Word association

  5. ukuleleeh

    Word association

  6. ukuleleeh

    Random silly thought of mine

    Seafood.. all the seafood.
  7. ukuleleeh

    Word association

  8. ukuleleeh

    Any experience buying from

    US and Canadian do, same with Australia. Many more, sadly I don't have the time to write all the countries out :P
  9. ukuleleeh

    Any experience buying from

    Yes, it is all in HKD.
  10. ukuleleeh

    Kamaka Price Increase

    I did the Kamaka tour about a month ago, and they were talking about the price of wood going up. Given the current global economic climate and rising prices across the board (pun intended), it doesn't surprise me when quality uke builders are forced to raise their prices.
  11. ukuleleeh

    Strap reccomendations?

    I have purchased straps from both and and love them both. Couch doesn't have ukulele specific sizing, but they do offer some great designs, and the quality is excellent. Richter is more of a plain style, but they use good quality leather and also...
  12. ukuleleeh

    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: Ohana Mango Pineapple Concerts

    Beautiful! Looks like the wood will shine in the sunlight.
  13. ukuleleeh

    Any experience buying from

    I came across this website,, while window shopping for a good gig bag. There are a few on there I would be interested in purchasing, but cannot find any reviews of this particular website online. Their store appears to be based in Hong Kong, and I am in Canada. Does anyone...
  14. ukuleleeh

    Sold KoAloha Pikake Concert, Made in Hawaii July 2020 - $700 USD

    I am selling my first high-end ukulele. It's in perfect condition, with a beautiful satin finish and a lightly curled koa that shimmers in the light. I'd love to keep it but it doesn't get played as much as my tenors. Hardshell Oahu case is included with the uke. Black Gotoh UPT Tuners are...
  15. ukuleleeh

    KoAloha Aloha Shirts by Kahala Launches Tmrw , 1/27/23

    I'm heading to Honolulu in a couple of days, and have my fingers crossed they still have at least one in my size by the time I can get down to their store 🤞
  16. ukuleleeh

    For Sale Koaloha 25th Anniversary red label concert #5 of 10

    Agreed! I can’t take the uke but whoever does is getting a great uke at a great price. Just sayin (I am aware that sounded sarcastic but it really wasn’t)
  17. ukuleleeh

    For Sale Koaloha 25th Anniversary red label concert #5 of 10

    I wish! My uke collection already has three KoAlohas: a concert, a pikake tenor, and a royal pikake mango tenor. Otherwise I would be happy to accept it!
  18. ukuleleeh

    For Sale Koaloha 25th Anniversary red label concert #5 of 10

    Stunning ukulele! I hope it finds a great home :)
  19. ukuleleeh

    Booking a trip to O’ahu in 2023

    This is amazing advice! I’m headed to O’ahu at the end of the week, and will be using some of your suggestions! Thank you!!!
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