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  1. barisaxer

    Sold SOLD KoAloha Mahogany Longneck Soprano (KSM- 02 MH, #18422)

    I have one and it is my number 1. No small feat as I have many more expensive ukes these are a great combo. Highly recommended.
  2. barisaxer

    Price Drop O'Kona custom 8 string koa spice

    I have a four string and if this is as nice it is a steal. He made some amazing ukuleles.
  3. barisaxer

    For Sale O 'Kona 8 string tenor custom koa back and sides engalman spuce top koa neck ebony fingerboard and bridge. Made by Andy Berard has pickup. Rare

    I have a regular 4 string O'kona and it is a great ukulele. Great builder. Good luck on the sale someone should be very happy with this.
  4. barisaxer

    Sold Koaloha Super Concert

    I own one and love it someone will be very happy!
  5. barisaxer

    SOLD: Koaloha all koa longneck soprano ukulele KSM-02

    My long neck Koaloha soprano is my most used ukulele. Very sweet voice I have lots of high end instruments and this one really sings to me. Someone will be very happy with this.
  6. barisaxer

    SOLD: Kanile'a Sinker Redwood/Premium Koa D-Hole Super Tenor

    Two PMs and no reply is your box full?
  7. barisaxer

    SOLD Loprinzi Concert Custom CE/RS-C Custom hard case nice ukulele with MISI pickup

    Great playing and sounding concert Loprinzi. Has misi pickup installed. $900 plus shipping USA only. I have too many. Downsizing for move. This sounds great acoustically loud and also amplified. Ukulele and hard case as pictured.
  8. barisaxer

    SOLD Kamaka Ohto san concert ukulele 2017 in nice shape HB2D

    2017 Kamaka Ohto san concert. A few light strum marks but overall great shape. I need to downsize for a upcoming move and this fine uke needs a loving home. 1800.00 plus shipping USA only. Wonderful Kamaka I am sure I will miss but one only needs how many ukuleles?
  9. barisaxer

    Journey Instruments OF660 travel guitar

    I have had one for a few years and love it. Mine is the glossy one. Holding up well and sounds almost as good as my expensive wood ones.
  10. barisaxer

    Sold: Kanilea K-1 SC

    Message sent
  11. barisaxer

    G-string Tattoo Concert Hawaiian made Koa

    Nice G sting concert Koa Tattoo ukulele. Nice shape and has the great Hawaiian Koa sound. 700.00 shipped continental USA Ground. Comes in case pictured. Aloha
  12. barisaxer

    Riggio Tenor thick neck sounds great! USA made custom ukulele. Hard case

    Riggio Custom Tenor ukulele made in Portland. USA hand made ukulele with premium woods and built right. Fairly beefy neck so guitar players love these. Great sounding looking instrument. I have retired and am downsizing wife says 50 ukuleles are too much. LOL. Instrument in nice shape and sounds...
  13. barisaxer

    Rick Turner Compass Rose Tenor ukulele 2015 build

    Rick Turner Compass Rose Tenor ukulele 2015 build. CRO TU4-5 Some marks has been played nothing that shows unless looking very close overall a nice looking great playing and sounding ukulele. I am now retired and have to many ukuleles. ( I know how is that possible?):cool: $1100.00 Shipped...
  14. barisaxer

    Compass Rose Concert by Rick Turner

    Compass Rose Concert by Rick Turner. great uke. has some wear and marks nothing bad just has some use. $950.00 Shipped continental USA Plays and sound as one would expect. I am retired and downsizing my uke collection. Jumbo made 2013 CRO CU 14B
  15. barisaxer

    Riggio Tenor ukulele $750.00 Shipped Continental USA

    Lovely playing and sounding Riggio tenor ukulele. Need to find it a good home. Pics speak for themselves. Currently High g. I have too many ukuleles trying to get down a dozen.LOL. One small mark by finger in last photo
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