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    Acoustic guitar on modern digital modelling amp

    Hi all Anyone tried acoustic guitar on a modern digital modelling amp? I am thinking about buying an amp for acoustic but also an electric guitar and would like only one amp. I understand that "normal" electric guitar amps are not suitable for acoustic guitar but was wondering if using a clean...
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    triads on acoustuc guitar

    Hi all I am progressing my learning largely from you tube. I have had shoulder issues so although i learnt to barre chord well i have now had to stop. I have seen quite a few electric guitar videos where they play 3 string chords up the neck. Largely this is an adaptation of the CAGED system...
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    Congratulations, New Zealand!

    Deaths per 100 000 population
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    Steel strings for casual player

    Hi all yes, sorry this is another steel vs nylon strings on guitar thread. I wanted to focus on the particular question of finger tip pain and calluses. I have been looking at nylon and steel string guitars, for folk/country/pop/rock. I find steel string technically harder to play and more...
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    anyone ever regret buying model without pickup?

    Hi all I have found an acoustic guitar i like with a great intersection of quality and price for my personal taste. I am debating with myself spending extra and getting the model with built in pick up (Alvarez AF30 vs AF30CE). I was wondering if anyone had made the decision to not get the...
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    Effect of stiffer strings on tone and volume

    Hi all I am looking at 3/4 classic or nylon syringed instruments. Most of them in the shop have slacker strings due to the short scale. Also a bit quiet. I am trying them out and trying to imagine how stiffer strings would sound. Does anyone have an idea of a general rule or on average how...
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    Strings for parlor guitar

    Hi all Slightly embarassed to ask this as it is a frequent question on most guitar forums. My first guitar is a vintage (late 60s or early 70s) made in Japan laminate parlor. I am pretty sure it is a Kingston but it has a different label as part of a one off factory run and shipment to...
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    Review: GHS bari-tenor re-entrant dGBe strings (Craig Chee signature)

    Hi everyone. I have just been through a life cycle of the GHS bari-tenor re-entrant dGBe (or D4 G3 B3 E4) strings (Craig Chee signature) for tenor ukulele so i thought i might review. My set came from strings by mail who gave me a very good price (US$9.70 including international postage) and...
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    Best left hand technique for steel string

    Hi everyone I have just moved from Ukulele to acoustic guitar. I am playing a steel string parlour guitar which i got second hand but intending to upgrade to a 000 size model. I taught myself ukulele using the classical guitar thumb position for the fret (left) hand. I primarily sing and...
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    Tenor guitar body depth

    Hi Noob question, are tenor guitars usually less deep in the body than regular guitars eg ooo size? I love guitar sound but find six string guitars a little painful to stretch my fingers eg G7 chord across all six strings and also reaching over the body even on a 3/4 guitat causes a small...
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    Baritone tuning with guitar

    Hi all I have just dropped my tenor from low GCEA to high dGBE tuning to suit my deep voice range. I "strum and sing" as my playstyle. I really like the pitch but the tone is not as resonant and ringing as it was on my tenor, so I am thinking of replacing with a baritone ukulele. Does anyone...
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    Pickup install endpin or not?

    Hi team I want to install a passive pickup. I play amplified only very rarely but want it to be easy. I initially was going to buy a pickup with endpin for a strap but I Am worried about the endpin loosening over time. Do most people install pickups as end pin or in the side of the instrument?
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    Lian ora from New Zealand

    Hi everyone My name is David, I am in my late 40s have been playing ukulele since the start of the year. I am mainly a singer and strum to accompany myself. I like all brands of music and particularly like juxtaposition such as sing Brittney Spears with very deep voice. Instrument Ohana solid...
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    Open G vs Open C tuning

    Hi all and aloha I am experimenting with some open tuning and wondering if one is “best”? I am primarily a singer and accompany myself with the ukulele. I play tenor with a low g. I became interested in open g tuning after watching some 4 string guitar and a slide blues player commenting that...
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