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    This is where I divert from your opinions. I understand that you speak from your own perspective.
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    This is a great point. I am happy to see Hawaii in a better state than most of the US states.
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    fingerstyle playing--fingers used and chord changes

    PIMA guy here. I do interchange sometimes as well.
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    Question about tuning

    Wow, I have never heard about it in this way!
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    Finding the Right Key

    Thank you for the tips everyone!
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    Has COVID affected your mental health in any way? Were you less stressed or anxious beforehand?
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    What are some of the software that you use that helps you learn uke? I wonder what are your favorites?
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    We all have challenges that we have to deal with everyday. I would appreciate it if you could share some. I'm also curious on how you overcome these.
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    Since spring is already here, what do you look forward to the most? What have you already done?
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    Anxiety and Depression due to pandemic, maybeeeeee. What do you do?

    Ive only recently come to terms that I have anxiety an ive had it all along but its just never been dealt with and i know that this is going to be one of the toughest fights of my life. I dont want to rattle on because there is probably people on here are far worse off than me. But I hope we...
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    3 best acoustic songs this COVID 19?

    What are your 3 best acoustic songs this COVID 19?
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    Hurting fingers

    I have been playing for a couple of weeks and my fingers hurt and I can
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