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  1. Poi Dog

    I'm BACK li'dat... ;)

    Howzit all... been a long time since I've been able to buss out da uke or get on UU! Work has gotten way too hectic lately - so I need to unstress with a little help of my KoAloha! Anyways - glad to be back on UU... I'm sure I'll be checkin' out da forum a lot more often now that I've got more...
  2. Poi Dog

    Song Help Request picking for honey baby?

    Picking (Beginning) A|--4-5-4---7-7---7-7---5---5--4-5-4--7-7----7-7--7-4--0------0-----0-----0-----0--- E|--5-------------------------------------5-----------------------0-2---0-2---0-2---0-2--0 C|--6------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. Poi Dog

    Florida uke players

    Broward County here... Pembroke Pines to be exact. ;)
  4. Poi Dog

    Song Help Request Any songs you'd like to learn?

    How about "Liberian Girl" in memory of Michael Jackson? ;)
  5. Poi Dog

    Mad World - Gary Jules

    SWEET! Way to go SEESO! Donnie Darko is one of my all time favorite movies and I can't even contemplate that movie without this song. LOL
  6. Poi Dog

    Tallahassee, Florida?

    I'm further south - Pembroke Pines, FL :D
  7. Poi Dog

    Ghost Hunters LIVE '08

    Aloha All, Just wondering how many of you caught "Ghost Hunters LIVE" last night! It was pretty interesting! Here's a few pics I took while watching on the computer. LOL
  8. Poi Dog

    Ghost Hunting... picture

    Aloha All, Seeing how it's Halloween - I thought I'd ask how many of you have been on a "Ghost Hunt"? I've been on a few. More debunking than evidence as far as my investigations have shown. However my good friend Camile in Alabama (who I went to High School with in Hawaii and have gone...
  9. Poi Dog

    The Summer of '77 - A Horror Story (Happy Halloween!)

    "Summer of '77" – A Horror Story by J Blalack Based on a true story Chapter 1: The Beginning The summer of 1977 was a special time for those of us who were lucky enough to be around at that time. San Jose was not too large of a town back then, more or less "suburbia" of the...
  10. Poi Dog

    If Palin becomes President...

    Check it out!
  11. Poi Dog

    The Ghost of Aircraft 75 - Happy Halloween '08!

    The Ghost of Aircraft 75 - A True Story! As many of you know, I used to work for an airline (that shall not be named) in the 50th state. We had Douglas DC-8's, DC-9's, Lockheed L1011's and DeHavilland DHC-7's (so you can pretty much gather what airline it was.) Anyway, we had a Dash 7 known as...
  12. Poi Dog

    Honey Baby

    SWEET! Nice job Dom! Now I need to get a printer and print this puppy out! LOL
  13. Poi Dog

    Pokemon D/P Event - Dragonite

    Just thought I'd let you know - Toys-R-Us will be giving away Level 50 Dragonite's November 8th & 9th, 2008! So what's so special about this Dragonite? Well, plenty apparently since Dragonite is evolved from Dragonair at Level 55! Since this Level 50 Dragonite is an Official Nintendo Event...
  14. Poi Dog

    Nintendo announces the next DS!

    Aloha All, Just thought I'd pass on some news regarding Nintendo's "newest" version of their portable game platform. The NEW version will be called the Nintendo DSi! The new DSi will not be compatible with Gameboy Advance (Slot 2) games like the previous versions of the DS & DSLite. Instead...
  15. Poi Dog

    Aldrine's Brown Eyed Girl

    Excellent job guys! I was so bummed that I was stuck at work without my uke when this lesson was going on. Now I can try it out myself... SWEET! Thanks!
  16. Poi Dog

    The OFFICIAL 2008 Pokemon Tournament Thread

    Aloha All! This will serve as the OFFICIAL 2008 UU Pokemon Tournament Thread! Please only use this thread for Rules, Scheduling and Battle Result Posting. For all other comments you can post on the previous thread which can be found here ~~~>...
  17. Poi Dog

    2008 UU Pokemon Tourny "GIFT"

    Cancelled GIFT CANCELLED!
  18. Poi Dog

    How to post tabs??

    Post your tabs between... [*code]tabs tabs tabs[*/code] Take away the * So it'll look like... tabs tabs tabs or... [*code] A|-0-0---0-----0-2-2-0--0-0-----0---0---0-----------0-2-4-5-6-7-5-4-4h5p4- E|-0--0-0-0-3s4-------4----2-1s2-1s2-1s2-2-0--0-2-4-----------------------...
  19. Poi Dog

    Miami anyone?

    Ahh.. cool! Nah not really - There's not a whole helluva lot of uke players around here. I normally just jam with my two sons at home by the pool and when my buddy comes over (whom I'm in the process of teaching the uke.) :cool:
  20. Poi Dog

    Miami anyone?

    I'm in Pembroke Pines!
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