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    Asbory bass and peavey bass amp

    Black asbory bass with gig bag, spare set of road toad silicone strings (u-bass strings) and peavey bass amp.... this is brand new and just played with twice!!!! 350.00 local pick up.... email pics to those interested
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    Mainland Red Cedar Tenor/gig bag <SOLD>

    Brand new.... Great uke !!!!!!! Comes with soft gig bag ....... 240.00 shipped conus (paypal) pictures when I get home
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    Ashbory Bass setup

    I have a brand new Ashbory Fretless Bass with gig bag and a set of Road Toad Black Silicone spare strings.... The Bass is Black (pictures will be added soon) 285.00 shipped CONUS If picked up locally I can sell a Peavey Bass amp that I bought for it for an additional 65.00
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    Koaloha Pikake soprano

    Great playing uke very bright and punchy..... Comes with aquilas, hardcase 2008 vintage...... I got this at MGM some time back but it needs a new home.... Only flaw I see in it is a couple of water marks on the back..... 365.00 shipped (paypal) continental U.S.
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    Bushman Jenny Soprano

    Solid mahogany, uber light and loud, worth clear flourocarbon strings.....2008 stamp... Very nice playing uke.... 145.00 shipped (paypal) Conus
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    Lehua Long neck soprano/concert scale

    Beautiful Lehua set up by MGM, Worth clear flourocarbon, solid black poplar wood, comes with std black hardcase........ I'd keep it but I have a Koaloha and Kiwaya Koa long neck that need some uke loving.... $165.00 (paypal) shipped CONUS
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    Flea Soprano Hibiscus red

    Beautiful Flea Soprano Hibiscus red color, polycarbonate aquilas put on...comes with the sack.... $125.00 (paypal)shipped CONUS
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    Spring Uke reduction

    I was cleaning up the office and I found some ukes that I stashed some time ago.... I have way too many and have run out of hiding places in the house..... I'll post the pictures up later this week end...they are in excellent cracks dings , fresh strings in all.... 1. Bushman Jenny...
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    NY Ukefest this Saturday

    I'm leaving at 9am so I can get a good deal on parking (in before 10 am out before 10 pm for 16.99 ) Then go to Baruch and pick up the ticket..... Have brunch at the Limeryck Diner with my daughter and then go back to Baruch by 11:30..... The Ukefest opens at 12 but there are plenty of people...
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    Does anybody have the tabs to The Jam song 'That's Entertainment'?

    or transposed one seminote down (THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT- The Jam A F#m A police car and a screaming siren A F#m Pneumatic drill and ripped up concrete A F#m A baby wailing, stray dog howling A F#m The screech of brakes and lamp light blinking Bm G Bm G A F#m A F#m...
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    Does anybody have the tabs to The Jam song 'That's Entertainment'?

    THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT- The Jam Bb Gm A police car and a screaming siren Bb Gm Pneumatic drill and ripped up concrete Bb Gm A baby wailing, stray dog howling Bb Gm The screech of brakes and lamp light blinking Cm Ab...
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    Kiwaya KS5 <SOLD>

    This uke I got last week and its wonderful but also picked up a Koaloha Solid Koa Soprano..... This uke is one looks stunning and it plays just as nice....... here is the link to the transaction I can take pictures but...
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    Song Help Request Give me the Moon over Brooklyn By Guy Lombardo

    get in touch with the prewar ponies....they play it.... here is the sheet music.... I think they sell it for 1 dollar plus shipping
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    Song Help Request Steam Roller Blues

    Intro: F D G C G Well I'm a steamroller Babe. I'm bound to roll all over you. C G Yes I'm a steamroller, now, Babe. I'm bound to roll all over you. D...
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    Pineapple Goodness!!!!!!!!!!

    Discontinued Bushman Engelman Spruce pineapple soprano uke in excellent condition!!!!!!! Comes with bushman gig bag........ Check out the MOP purfling and sound hole......... $175.00 shipped
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    Hamano Solid Mahogany Soprano <SOLD>

    This is a little gem of a uke that unfortunately has a crack on the top by the saddle and repaired....... There is no buzzing......Here are some pictures.... The uke is in great shape and plays excellently I paid 285.00 for it...... I'll sell it for 165.00 shipped with a std black hard case
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    KPK Concert for sale

    I bought this one 3 months ago here from the UU.... Do a search on it...... Anyhow, I'm reducing my stock of before the NY ukefest.... This uke was set up by MGM and it doesn't have the KPK logo on the headstock but Mike provided a set of decals for the body (as per post of previous owner)...
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    Brand new KPK Tenor

    I have a KPK Tenor coming in the mail this week from Locals Kine...... It was returned due to a massive crack in the front and back of it.......... The new uke is brand new.... I don't have it yet but I will post pictures of it when I get it....... For now I'm just putting this out there for...
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    Song Help Request Come rain or come shine / Fallin

    G# C7 I'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you, Fm7 Come rain or come shine; A#7 D#7 G#7 High as a mountain and deep as a river, come rain or come shine. C#m7 G#m C#m7 Edim...
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