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    Beginner question about using amp with Kala travel tenor?

    Does anyone have the Kala KA-SSTU-TE (or any of the travel Kalas that have the B-Band electronics?) I bought this because I'm going through a really tough time and thought it would raise my spirits, but so far all it's done is frustrate me. I admit I know very little about playing amplified...
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    Jazz Ukulele?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what makes an instrument a jazz ukulele? I recently got a U-Bass and thus was introduced to the Wonderful World of Playing With Amps. So now I want a tenor and a baritone with electrics (of course -- the heartbreak of Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome is very...
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    Strings Recommendations for baritone strings?

    Hi. I've recently taken up the baritone and I *love* it. As a failed guitar player (short, stubby fingers that could never reach the spreads with my left hand) and a pretty decent standard uke player, baritone seems like a really cool compromise. I love Aquila strings and have them all on my...
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