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    Islander MT-4 with Hard case

    Selling my MT-4. Basically as mint as you can get for a used instrument. Will not dissappoint. Strung up with Living waters with a Low G. Includes the Hard case, humidifier, and a snark uke tuner! $170 shipped
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    Daniel ho polani book

    So I bought the Daniel ho polani book. Been playing some of the tunes and they are great. Just the type of stuff I like. Anyone have any recommendations of other books that are similar? Other artists? Thanks in advance!
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    FS: Koaloha KTM-00 LIKE NEW

    I just bought this a few weeks ago and I am really bummed to sell but I have 2 really nice ukuleles right now and had to make a decision based on dollars and cents. Meaning I could sell this for more based off of what I paid for the 2 ukes. I know I am taking a loss either way - but this is what...
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    Koaloha tenor strings

    I called koaloha today to see what strings they put on their ukulele stock from factory. They told me that they are specially formulated strings from Japan and if I want to get another set I need to buy them direct from koaloha. $10 with free shipping which is really not a bad deal. But I was...
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    If You're in the Area...

    Where is Chatham?
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    Nearness of you on my new Koaloha Tenor

    I haven't took out the recording gear in a while. But just bought some new Ukes and decided to do a quick recording - I need to try this again not happy at all with the performance!
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    Uke Hut NYC

    Anyone ever shop here? Looking for some opinions before I take the drive to this place in traffic. If anyone is from LI they know what traffic can be like heading out this way. They seem to have a pretty good selection.
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    Any get togethers in NY?

    From long island- anyone in the Nassau or Suffolk area?
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    New uke!

    Super excited to get another awesome uke!! Picked this up from MIms UKes and totally thrilled with every aspect.of my purchase... Now I have a koaloha and a kanile'a... I need to slow down. started doing some recording with this that I'm looking...
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    New Kanile'a k1 tenor

    I'm new to the forum. Somewhat New to the uke, only been taking it more seriously over the past few months. When I dug up a $30 Carlo robelli uke I bought my son a few years ago. I decided to pick up something nice. I've been playing guitar for 30 years and have spent more money on funding...
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    new member from NY

    WOW - I can finally post! Had a tough time getting my account set up - today it magically works! Hello to all! Guitar player for 30 years - just decided to pick up a uke not too long ago. Looking forward to bouncing around the forums!
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