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    Song Help Request Kissing in Cars-Pierce the Veil

    is it even possible on uke? I am trying to transcribe this song over to uke but i need help. thanks!
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    bummer man

    ok well it was recently my 18th birthday(april 6th) and I was having a good time, but my old biology teacher in 10th grade, who i had a great relationship with, died on april 8th. he loved the uke and was even thinking of playing one. he was 44 years old and had a major heart attack. ive been...
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    Hey all, well ive taken into building recently. I have a nice old olive oil tin that I want to turn into a uke but im having a bit of a problem. I bought a mahogany neck, ebony bridge, and mahogany bridge, bone nut and saddle, to put on the tin. but im having some trouble. I dont have a clue...
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    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    I think my high school graduation is the day after this. bahh it better not be!
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    the return.

    yes I am back. The return of absolute insanity is here. :D i missed you guys.
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    Anyone from Pittsburgh?

    Well i live in New Castle just north of PA and me and I got a friend of mine to start playing and we were gonna do some shows and I had to back out due to family problems. :/ and im moving to kentucky in the summer so you guys will be alone again. :(
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    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    in theory i should be able to go. as most of you know.(cuz i wont shut up about it)I am moving to kentucky in the summer. AND I am graduating high school on June 10. so this is going to be kind of tricky haha. I will do my best to make it though, dont worry. :D
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    Vidz up!

    Hey everyone I finally got a webam!! So I have started making videos on my youtube account which you can find here: rate, comment, and subscribe. if you want to colab That would be awesome. I have skype but am willing to download...
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    Kentucky Ukers?

    Sorry everyone its been incredibly busy these past weeks. My father just moved to kentucky and we have been cleaning in the house ever since haha. Sukie: thank you for your concern. i know it will be for the better and im even more excited cuz I will be that much closer to all the ukers...
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    Kentucky Ukers?

    Well I haven't been on the forums in a while, but that was due to part depression/part anxiety. because I am indeed moving to kentucky, after my senior year of high school. my dad has gotten a new job there so we will be heading out in a year. So I am kinda depressed, but at the same time this...
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    I really dont know what to say right now. You guys here at UU have been a family to me. My actual family is going through a rough time right now. My mother, my brother, and I are battlling chronic depression, as well as other medical issues. My father was fired from his job, where he worked for...
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    well I am starting guitar, and i need a new amp. the one i had, is now broken for the second time, and im tired of fixing it all the time, so ive been browsing, and ive found an Ibanez TB25G. good amp? bad amp? im also open to any ideas possible, but i need a an amp thats under 100 dollars but...
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    He's a pirate cant get the tabs for this. help anyone? I pretty much cant download anything on this computer. can someone just put the tabs on this site?
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    Well as some of you know I am a very active church member and I participate in yearly mission trips around the globe. This year we went to nashville just in time for a CMAs!!! im not a huge fan of country music(except orange world of course :p), but we did get to meet some cool people. for...
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    Ukulele World Congress in S.Indiana

    deach went too! awe man. I feel like a loner. Next year I will be there!!!! everyone wish me luck. I am doing my second (hopefully last) sleep study tonight!
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    Ukulele World Congress in S.Indiana

    gentleman.lentlemen.and women. I have just recieved word(rents) that I will be unable to attend the UWC this year because of a few things: the first thing was my idea: I have been having trouble with my health as of late so I thought It would be good to stay and prepare myself for the mission...
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    yes i know this question has been asked before, but i could not find it using the search function: You can use concert strings on a soprano uke right??
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    is it just me? Is it just me or is this guy ripping on our instrument? discuss.
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    xbox 360 midnight uno sessions anyone? its only 400 microsoft points and you can buy a video cam for the 360. Very addicting game. We should set up regular sessions.
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    It has come to my attention that someone has created a username on urban dictionary: nikolo727. They also put in something about a person who is what I think a good friend of mine. I did not do this. I would never say anything bad or wrong about deach. He gave me a ukulele!!!!!! I did not do...
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