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    Saddest Kamaka EVER!!!

    I was digging through a box of old broken ukuleles at my local music shop (for cigar box ukulele parts) and came across this sad little guy...I almost wanted to cry! It obviously had been left in water for a long long time. It was a gold label too! Arg!! :eek: :(
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    Ukulele, Upright Bass and Cello...compsition by Aaron Fanning.

    I am here in Colorado on vacation and when I met up with my cousins in Pueblo we made a video...enjoy! (I know I did):cool:
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    Need Help Identifying This Exquisite Pineapple Uke!

    I bought this lovely mahogany pineapple uke from a fella who said (on a reliable basis) it was from a popular company's NAMM show booth. He had bought all of they're ukes that were there on display. The only clue he gave me was that it was a Japanese company...anyone have any idea?! The...
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    1920's Banjolele restoration.

    Y'all may remember me from the $20 Kamaka thread...well this is what I had gone to see about when I picked that up from a craigslist add. This banjolele was in pretty bad shape when I got to it, it had been water damaged at some point and the fingerboard had fallen off into little ebony bits...
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    $20 dollar Kamaka?!!

    Today I went to go see about a 20 dollar banjo uke off craigslist that was in desperate need of some love (i.e. no fingerboard and severe water damage) I have brought back banjo's from the dead before so I was stoked to have a new project! As I was about to leave the fella asked me if I was...
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    Goodbyes Are Spoken Video!

    This is a little video I whipped up for an original song we did (Goodbyes Are Spoken) in our Tuesday night music recording collective we call "Sad Forever"...I know silly name but some fun music and a video came out of it none the less! This is what we used for ALL the keyboard parts...a...
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    Sue Foley Cover "But I Forgive You"!

    A cover of a cover of Sue Foley's cover of Hudson Whittaker's (a.k.a. Tampa Red's) "But I Forgive You" by myself (Joe Fanning), Cisiany Olivar and Scott Kerr. Old barn dance here we come!
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    Playing Borderline in the laudromat!

    Joe Fanning (myself) and Celeste Gauna (Pipes Mcgee) performing "Borderline" at the U of A laundromat on Thanksgiving in Tucson Arizona. The "acoustics" where great! :))
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    Waiting in the Sun for the Vultures to Come. An original by me Freshthreat!

    Here's a song inspired by the Tucson desert heat. It was 107 degrees here today and I thought it deserved its own jam...enjoy!:)
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    I shot my friend in the desert.

    Hey er'body! I took my friend Joel out into the Sonoran Desert and shot him!!! Here are the results. Two Harmony ukes playing "Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side" by the Magnetic Fields! If you want to play along the chords are verse--C--F--C--F--C--F--G--F--G Chorus--C--Am--F--G--C--F--C--F...
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    What to do with matching Harmony Ukuleles?!

    Make matching Harmony Ukulele earrings of course!!!
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    Finished my first cigar box uke!!!

    I found an old cedar cigar box at an antique mall here in Tucson and inspiration sprung! Now here's "The Duke"! So fun. Here's a video of it in action!
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    New Order on Ukulele!

    Some New Order on a cheap Mahalo Uke! Happy Holidays! :)
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