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    I am very curious about trills. are trills good for your voice? I have heard from a voice scientist by the name of Joyce DiDonato that trills are very good for the voicebox. I am not an opera singer by any means but I want to learn to trill to expand my vocal dexterity. I can already yodel a...
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    Aloha for all of you from Hawaii

    Aloha to all of you from Hawaii. I send my aloha to you especially with the coronavirus spreading like wildfire these days. I hope you all come through unscathed as well as the rest of the world. Like that old mele says, ku ha'aheo e ku'u Hawaii, stand tall my Hawaii. And that goes for all of...
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    Uli uli A Hawaiian maraca

    Aloha, I just received an Uli uli For my birthday a couple of days ago. I have read when playing them, you don't just shake them like you would a regular Maraca. If anyone knows how to play them, can you please give me a brief description of how to hold it correctly as well as the proper way...
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    Kulolo anyone?

    aloha everyone. Has anyone here ever tried Kulolo? In Hawaii, it is considered a pudding but from what I have read, it is more fudge like in consistency. I would like to know, After it is made, does it need to be refrigerated or can it be put in a container and kept at room temperature? I am...
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    Song Help Request Lithia water

    I looked at it. It seems pretty interesting. I wonder if I can suggest songs for them to ad to their library. Anyway, I forgot to say that it was by Lisa koch. She’s a folk artist from what I read. I’m surprised they don’t even have her listed in their database.
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    Song Help Request Lithia water

    Aloha everybody, I know it’s been a very long time since I posted or even looked at the posts. I’m sorry about that. I have come up with a new song I would like to learn. I’m sure some of you know that I am blind and so I can’t read graphical things like tabs. My screen reader would red it...
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    Song Help Request Tumbalalaika chords

    Does anybody know the chords to the Yiddish song Tummbalalaika? It is also known as tum Balalaika. If you can, post a video tutorial so that I may be able to hear it. I am visually impaired so it’s easier to follow along with audio. My screen reader does not read tabs. If you wish, you...
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    Balalaika curiosity

    Does anybody hereplay the balalaika? how hard is it to play? I heard one for the first time while I was watching Doctor zhivago a few weeks ago. I really like the sound. I like the ukulele as well as the balalaika
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    just received an ipu for my birthday

    Aloha, I just received an ipu or ipu heke ole for my birthday. Does anyone play one of these? I know that you tap it with the heel of your hand and the tops of your fingers but where do you tap mostly? I have a little one. If you use YouTube videos, please describe them because I am visually...
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    birthday luau

    :) Aloha everybody. My birthday is next Friday. I am having a luau on the Saturday immediately following my birthday. I thought that we could have a little UU birthday luau right here. My favorite types of music are Hawaiian, mariachi, old songs from the 50's by Doris day. I also like...
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    Ukeke anyone?

    :)Have any of you heard of a Hawaiian stringed instrument called an ukeke. According to my research, it is the only stringed instrument that is native to Hawaii. The ukulele that we all love actually originated in Portugal. The guitar is from Spain . It kind of sounds like a Jews harp...
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    Cq, cq, cq. Calling all ukulele playing amateur radio operators

    Here is a fun little song about the amateur or ham radio signal, CQ. Can any of you play this on your ukuleles? I am actually not an operator yet, but I am hoping to be licensed some day .
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    Do any of you yodel?

    Just out of curiosity, are there any yodelers among us? I myself I'm not a yodeler but today as my puppy was whining , howling and barking wanting out of his cage, I was whining and barking along with him and I noticed my voice started to jump from high to low. I am not a soprano so I...
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    Olapa rhythm

    Hey guys, I am curious to know which is the correct way to do the olapa rhythm. My friend says that you go up down up up, but a video on YouTube says you go up down down down. I think it supposed to resemble the rhythm of the Hawaiian drum called an Ipu. . If you can make audio or...
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    Ukuleles are our pets

    I just thought of something. A lot of us treat our ukes as if they are our pets. We give them nicknames, we carry them with us a lot and if they get dropped or damaged, we take them to the vet a.k.a. the repair shop. What else do you guys do to treat your ukulele is if it is one of your...
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    Silly thought but serious virus for all ukulele players

    Warning to all ukulele players out there! I have just discovered a brand-new virus that affects all players. . If you catch this virus, You will experience constant urges to play and the urges get stronger until you can no longer resist it. I have decided to call it...
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    New recording

    Aloha everybody, I have a new recording to share with you. I used a different audio recorder for this one so it should sound a bit better. I must warn you though, I think kalea clipped the mic a tiny bit. Here it is...
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    Song Help Request Poli'ahu, TERESA Bright

    It may take me a while but once I tackle it, I will send you all the recording.
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    Song Help Request Poli'ahu, TERESA Bright

    I do have a friend who could probably work with me on getting those cords correct. I'm still rough with those to myself. I don't know if you guys heard it but Back on Thanksgiving, she and I played for the children and our family. I have a recording but I don't know if any of you heard it...
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    Song Help Request Poli'ahu, TERESA Bright

    My first official song I am going to try and tackle this year. Can I get the chords to Poli'Ahu by TERESA bright. I am blind so I can't really read tabs. My screen reader does not work too well with them. If you can, attach an audio or video clip of a simple tutorial. That would be best...
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