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    Best book or app for chords

    Another thumbs up for UkeBuddy. It's my go-to. I also use Ukulele Helper from time to time. I like to play chords in second or third position (up the neck) to add some variety when playing. I'll use Uke Buddy or Ukulele Helper to find a chord shape that I like the sound of, and that has...
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    What are YOUR favorite strings?

    My signature line says it all, although I've used Oasis & Worth Clear strings with good success . KoAloha Koa concert - circa 2006 (Living Waters) aNueNue Moon Bird concert - Spruce & Rosewood - 2018 (aNueNue Blackwater) Cocobolo concert - 2019 (Worth Brown)
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    Cocobolo and the Ukulele Site

    I'm not sure that branching out with sales through TUS/HMS means that the lottery is going away. I think this is just another avenue for Cocobolo to offer their ukuleles. Cocobolo already sells their ukes that aren't claimed in the lottery through their website store. TUS carries a limited...
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    Typical Turnaround Time at TUS for Setups?

    My last two ukulele purchases from HMS were about 4-5 years so. That was before they started offering the quicker basic quality check. I think everything back then got a full set-up and took at least a week or more to arrive. If I remember right, they started offering the quicker basic QC...
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    Cocobolo Ukuleles Owners Thread

    Here is my concert. #419. It's my everyday player. It's features combine to make it my most comfortable ukulele to play. Things I love about it....... The 16 inch scale (in-between traditional 15 inch concert & 17 inch tenor). The beautiful wood grain. Each one is unique. I see the eyes of an...
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    POLL: Favorite Non-Hawaiian Brand of Uke

    aNueNue, with Cocobolo a close second as a luthier made uke.
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    Precision pressure transfer

    My uke group has had the pleasure of having Stu Fuchs come and teach a workshop the last few years. He talks a lot about keeping your fretting hand light and relaxed. I think that goes along with what ploverwing is saying. But it's soooo hard to do in real life. I'm still working on it.
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    Choosing an instrument for performance purposes

    I'm very happy with my Cocobolo. It didn't take me long to get one in the lottery. Now you have the option to just buy one if they are unclaimed in the lottery. At the time I got mine Kevin was offering the MiSi active pick-up (my personal favorite) as an add-on, but now it looks like he offers...
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    Choosing an instrument for performance purposes

    Tell us more about your performance needs. Where will you be performing? Solo or as a member of a group? Will you be plugging into a sound system/PA or just plugging into a portable amp? I play every Sunday at church with a band. My uke is plugged into a PA sound system. The soundboard person...
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    No longer available 2006 KoAloha concert ukulele

    No interest, removing this from sale. Maybe I'll re-list it at a later date?
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    How do y’all carry your gear?

    I use a wheeled tote that I got on Amazon. My ukulele, my iPad music stand, my Roland AC-33 Amp, and my fold-up stool all fits in it. I carry my iPad in a padded computer shoulder bag. If I don't need to take my amp, then there's lots of room for stuff in the tote. When looking on Amazon, make...
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    Pictures from Funky Frets Uke Fest

    Is that Petey Mack I see in one of the pictures? I got to meet & jam with him at TBUG a few years back. He's a hoot.
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    If I'm buying a ukulele from TUS, Mim, Uke Republic, etc. that offers a professional set-up with the purchase then why not avail myself of that service? I'm not adept at the fine tuning aspects of ukulele set-up myself, so why not have a pro do it for me. They all do a good job. TUS offers three...
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    No longer available 2006 KoAloha concert ukulele

    Final price drop on this wonderful ukulele. $775. I'll give this another week to see what happens.
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    No longer available 2006 KoAloha concert ukulele

    Yep, the decision to sell this ukulele has been a tough one. I have a sentimental attachment to it, but hate to see it sit idle. It really does sing, and it's so light.
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    Where did you buy your uke(s)?

    Won at ukulele festival raffles Local ukulele club member Local acoustic guitar/ukulele shop TUS/HMS - multiple Bonanza direct Loprinzi direct Uke Republic Mim Cocobolo direct Reverb
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    No longer available 2006 KoAloha concert ukulele

    Another weekly bump. Great ukulele and a great price.
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    No longer available 2006 KoAloha concert ukulele

    Giving this lovely ukulele a weekly bump. Wonderful bright KoAloha sound. Upgraded Gotoh UPT tuners and MiSi pick-up installed. If you aren't familiar with the MiSi pick-up, it's an active pick-up with a rechargeable capacitor, so no pre-amp needed and no batteries to change. $800 shipped within...
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    No longer available 2006 KoAloha concert ukulele

    Giving this a bump and a price drop to $800. Lovely "almost" vintage KoAloha concert with upgraded Gotoh UPT tuners and a MiSi pick-up.
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    Need strap suggestions

    Another vote for the Tap-a-string. It's on all my ukes with pick-ups. Works great with my Sherrins Threads straps.
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