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  1. jinulele

    Classical/Baroque/Renaissance Ukulele

    Wow thank you for this list. These are the style of music I'm really interested in playing on Uke - you made my day. Have a great one!
  2. jinulele

    Hannabach Super Carbon Ukulele Strings

    The product page on strings by mail lists the force exerted by each of the 4 strings, which adds up to 52lbs. I’ve gathered that usual total string tension on a tenor ukulele is about 38lbs. I am just wondering if anyone has any experience on putting this much force on their ukes - more...
  3. jinulele

    Hannabach Super Carbon Ukulele Strings

    I have a tenor set I bought but haven’t tried yet. My concern is that the tension seems a bit high - 52 lbs in total. This has to be the highest tension tenor set I’ve ever seen. Any thoughts?
  4. jinulele

    Memorizing the fretboard

    I’m on an exact same journey as you. As a fellow novice what I found helpful is to start with the A string, play c major notes up and down the string. It helps to remember the B and C note positions (they are easier to remember because they are next to each other without half note in between) -...
  5. jinulele

    Song Help Request Just Am, C and F

    Not sure if your student is young and listens to recent pop songs.. Am -> C -> F -> F chord progression covers most of Noah Cyrus's "July".
  6. jinulele

    Affordable video editing software?

    I second this recommendation. Full featured software like adobe premier, has intuitive interface, lets you even use DAW plugins,etc and its free!
  7. jinulele

    Joe Hisaishi low G tabs/sheet music

    More from the ukulele review site:
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