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  1. benmealer

    UWC 2012, Ukulele World Congress

    Hope to make this one.
  2. benmealer

    Any get-togethers, performances or lessons in NYC between the 16th&26th of August?

    Looks like J Walter Hawkes may have a show for you to check out:
  3. benmealer

    Any get-togethers, performances or lessons in NYC between the 16th&26th of August?

    Some stuff to go to here: I can vouch for the lessons from this guy. A+
  4. benmealer

    Any uke players in NYC?

    I'm in Sunnyside Queens. What about that snowstorm?! This meetup group is a great way to meet ukulele players in the city.
  5. benmealer

    Any gigs or regular Uke gathering spot NYC

    If you go to and search "nyc ukulele" you will find the meetup you are talking about. Maui Tacos is between 32 and 33rd on 5th ave. I've been there for the monthly open mic a few times. I hear that there is something every sat and sun. It is a very friendly, encouraging, low pressure...
  6. benmealer

    The obligatory "What Ukes are You Bringing to UWC?" thread

    I'm bringing the banjo uke I got deached last year. I've neglected all my other ukes since I got it and I don't go anywhere without that sucker.
  7. benmealer

    NY Uke Fest 2010 is on!

    hope it's a little cheaper this year. wasn't it like $80 for the weekend last year?
  8. benmealer

    Vending at the UWC

    can someone say
  9. benmealer

    Vending at the UWC

    i think local vendors from town would be awesome. wouldn't mind a honey vendor. what about whoever made those cajun sausages? those were good. a biscuits and gravy vendor? moonshine vendor? i know a pbr vebdor would make money. what about a babysitting or at least a diaper changing station for russ?
  10. benmealer

    NYC Meetup / Open Mic! Oct 8th!

    Looking forward to this. The show last night was great.
  11. benmealer

    Pianos NYC 10/7/09 - 7:00pm!

    Play hookie! ...just this once;)
  12. benmealer

    Need advice getting around NYC

    What are you guys up to tonight?
  13. benmealer

    Oct 1 - Otto's Shrunken Head, NYC

    im there, dude :shaka:
  14. benmealer

    Need advice getting around NYC

    hopefully the weather's nice and we can hit up a park OR i just thought of this and it may make for a neat video. recently they blocked off the street in parts of times square and put tables and chairs. alot of people from around here really hate being in times square, but i think it may be...
  15. benmealer

    Need advice getting around NYC

    there's a helicopter that will take you from jfk to (i think) the west side of manhattan. it's a little expensive (says $159 one way), but i bet it would be pretty freaking cool and you'd feel like a serious vip. we should get a jam goin' while you're over here. there are...
  16. benmealer

    More vintage song books and sheets

    Hey, ichadwick. Just made a little donation. I couldn't get the paypal button on your site to work. Let me know when you get it. Thanks, man. :shaka:
  17. benmealer

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    is that what the sunglasses smiley man meant? im not one for subtle jokes.
  18. benmealer

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    funny that you want to be in another raffle. i'm still trying to figure out how you fixed them last year.
  19. benmealer

    Snap Strum? :eek:
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