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  1. Chris Tarman

    NOUCD (New Old Ukulele Case Day)!

    And a couple more, including one with it's most likely future inhabitant. By the way, the Gibson isn't really that much bigger than the Martin, it's just the way my camera makes things look when one is slightly closer. Oddly, though, the Gibson's case IS quite a bit bigger than the other one.
  2. Chris Tarman

    NOUCD (New Old Ukulele Case Day)!

    We visited my wife's parents in South Central Pennsylvania over Christmas, and one day we went to an antique mall. One of the stalls had an old hardshell soprano case. All the latches work, and it's in reasonably good condition. It's not as plush on the inside as my Gibson's case, but it's a...
  3. Chris Tarman

    "Plastic Man" by The Kinks

    It's been way too long since I did a song on Youtube. Here's my latest one. It was kind of tricky!
  4. Chris Tarman

    Denver Ukefest

    I would love to go again this year, but since they changed the date it kind of threw a spanner in the works. I just don't think I can swing the time off this year (I work on Saturdays and live on the other side of the state, about 5 1/2 hrs from Denver).
  5. Chris Tarman

    So I Went To The Local Antique Shops Today....

    And didn't find a single Martin 5K or 3K, or even a Style 0. No Gibsons or even a single plastic fretboarded Harmony. Man, I HATE when that happens!
  6. Chris Tarman

    Anyone Have Tips On Uke Sellers That Can Ship To Peru?

    I hope I'm putting this in the right place... if not, moderators feel free to move it as needed! This afternoon, some guy in Peru contacted me on Facebook to ask if I sell ukuleles. I'm not sure where he got the idea, but he seemed to think I was a dealer. I messaged with him in (not very...
  7. Chris Tarman

    Favorite Painting

    I like all sorts of paintings, but after seeing the Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum in December, this is the one I can think of as a current favorite: But really, there are so many!
  8. Chris Tarman

    Peter Banks RIP

    Peter Banks, the original guitarist of Yes, has passed away at age 65. He only played on the first two albums, but he really shaped their sound, and had a unique style. This isn't the best example of his playing, but it was one of the view videos I could find of the original lineup.
  9. Chris Tarman

    Lexington KY uke club

    I used to live in Lexington. It was 20 years ago when my wife was in grad school at UK. I didn't play ukulele back then, which takes some of the sting out of being WAY to late to join the club! I liked Lexington. I wish we'd have had more income then. I didn't get to see much of Kentucky.
  10. Chris Tarman

    Your Thoughts on Small Cosmetic Problems?

    I guess for me, it depends. I remember when I put the first ding in my first "real" instrument in high school: I smacked the headstock of my three-week old Rickenbacker bass into a pipe running along the ceiling of the basement we were practicing in. It put a 1/8th inch ding in the paint. I...
  11. Chris Tarman

    Old Ukulele Identify?

    Ok, I just looked at mine. It's not exactly the same anyplace but the headstock (which certainly appears to be the same). But it's similar everywhere.
  12. Chris Tarman

    Vintage Roll Call

    I have 11 vintage ukes all together. The Plastics (all early '50s) from left to right: Flamingo Soprano with built-in pitch pipe on headstock; Maccaferri Islander Baritone; Maccaferri Islander Soprano. The Harmony Sopranos ('50s? Early '60s? I'm not really sure!) The Miscellanea: (L to...
  13. Chris Tarman

    Show us your dogs/cats/hamsters/goats/donkeys/sloths

    And a couple more of Freddie:
  14. Chris Tarman

    Show us your dogs/cats/hamsters/goats/donkeys/sloths

    We have two dogs and two cats. Our older dog, Tuesday, is a 15 1/2 year old German Shepherd/something small and "herdy" mix. I don't have any really good pictures of her on my phone or computer. The older cat is about 8, and I also don't have any good pictures of her. The younger dog...
  15. Chris Tarman

    I Finally Got My BIG Cabinet Back!

    I used to use my Ampeg 8x10 cabinet in an older version of one of the bands I play bass with. The cabinet resided in the band trailer with all the PA gear. We broke up, and I didn't have any place to keep it at my house, so I took it to a coworker's garage. Doug was a fantastic blues...
  16. Chris Tarman

    Who Says You Can't Be Depressed Playing A Uke???

    Here's a cover of a really depressing song by one of my favorite artists, Richard Thompson.
  17. Chris Tarman

    Before and After Pictures of my Gibson Uke 3

    I found out that my Gibson had a loose back brace, so I dropped it off at the Denver Folklore Center last month. The repair guy asked if I wanted him to graft some wood onto my chipped bridge. He said it would be hard to tell that anything had been done to it, so I said sure. I have to say he...
  18. Chris Tarman

    C.F Martin & Co , 3m STYLE

    It sounds great! I don't know anything about those tuners, really, but they quite likely are original. I've seen photos of Martins with black-buttoned tuners like those, but never in person. I have a Martin from the '50s and two from around the same era as yours. All of mine have different...
  19. Chris Tarman

    So I Bought A "K" Brand

    I broke down and bought a new uke from MGM at the Denver Ukefest on Saturday. He had a gorgeous Kanile'a super-soprano, but it was way too much for me right now. Then I played this. It sounded great, and felt really nice. It wasn't terribly expensive. And it had pretty interesting grain...
  20. Chris Tarman

    Who is going to Denver Ukefest 2012?

    I'll try to remember to find out for you.
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